Universiteliyiz Insurance

Universiteliyiz Insurance


    CollegianS’ Insurance offers coverage for

    • Your healthcare expenses in any case of emergency,
    • The costs of repair or your mobile phone, laptop computer or desktop computer, camera or digital camcorder in the event of any failure,
    • Even late registration fee in the cases, where you might delay your registration.

    All of the above are covered by your CollegianS’ Insurance!

    Your insurance also covers the Assistance Services by Zurich Sigorta!

    Apply now at the nearest TEB Branch and get yourself covered!

    What is CollegianS’ Insurance?

    A package of insurance and advisory services, designed and developed exclusively for university students.

    What are covered by CollegianS’ Insurance?

    Emergency Healthcare Coverage

    The Emergency Healthcare Coverage covers the costs of surgical operations, outpatient treatments and intensive care and related accommodation/ food expenses in the event of any case of emergency up to some TL 10,000 limit. The CollegianS’ Insurance allows you to benefit home care and free ambulance services as a part of the Emergency Healthcare Coverage.

    Electronic Equipment Coverage

    The Collegians’ Insurance covers any sudden and unexpected damages to your mobile phone up to some TL 500 limit and any such damages to your desktop computer, laptop computer, camera and digital camcorder up to some TL 2,000 limit.

    Late Registration Coverage

    In the event you register late due to any condition, which is covered by the Emergency Healthcare Insurance; the Late Registration Coverage covers your late registration fee to be charged up to some TL 500 limit.

    Zurich Sigorta Assistance Services:

    • Home care coverage.
    • Ambulance transportation.
    • Network Discount.

    •              Special discounts at private hospitals, outpatient clinics, medical centers, diagnostics centers, consulting rooms,
                        - Pharmacies, 
                        - Laboratories and physiotherapy centers

    • Overseas Education Consultancy
    • Travel Assistance
    • Booking Services

    •              Transportation Services
                        - Consignment of Medicines, 
                        - Courier Service,
                        - Flower and Gift Delivery, 
                        - Food and Beverage Delivery.

    How to Arrange

    Arrange a CollegianS’ Insurance for only TL 8 monthly premium and avail yourself of all of the aforementioned coverage items and other privileges! If you prefer to pay the total premium for a year of TL 96 at once, you can even choose to pay it in 6 to 12 installments!

    Apply now at the nearest TEB Branch and get yourself covered by CollegianS’ Insurance.

    •              The coverage items of Turkish Economy Bank’s exclusive CollegianS’ Insurance for university students is provided by Zurich Sigorta A.S.

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