Techno-Entrepreneurship Support Package


    Techno-Entrepreneurship Support Package

    Our aim is not only to be the bank of SMEs but to be their “consultant” at the same time; and now, we organize a new program for the “Techno-Entrepreneurs” who will carry our country to the future. We aim to prepare the techno-entrepreneurs to competition on a global scale; and in addition to the education support, we also offer great advantages and opportunites in the banking transactions.

    Banking Products and Services

    • No fee will be charged for EFT and remittance transactions to be conducted from our branches and Corporate Internt Branch for a period of 1 year*
    • No account maintenance fee will be charged for a period of 1 year*
    • The fee for per incoming/outgoing remittance will be TL 10 for a period of 1 year*
    • 50% discount will be applied on annual SME Club membership fee.
    • Businee credit card fee will not be charged for a period of 1 year*
    • An overdraft account facility with 0% interest rate and up to TL 10.000.

    Furthermore, a free of charge business analysis report will be prepared by TEB SME Consultants.

    Techno-Entrepreneurship Support Training Program

    The content of program designed specially for the Techno-Entrepreneurs free of charge is as follows:

    • Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Businesses.
    • Business plan preparation, training and application workshops.
    • Growth Scenario for SMEs.
    • Marketing and Sales Management.
    • Small Enterprise Management.
    • Pre-interview of the company-based business plan preparation process and preparation of the research framework.
    • Review of the draft business plan files by the consultants and conducting the final business plan study.

    * Provided that an account has been opened with TEB; it will be valid for a periof of 1 year after submitting the documents obtained from The Republic of Turkey Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology which evidence him/her as an entrepreneur.
    ** You can apply to the TEB Branches to receive detailed information on 0% Interest Overdraft Account (Kaynak Account).

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