Distinguished shareholders, customers and employees,

Being an experienced and innovative actor in the Turkish banking industry, we have successfully finished 2015 in line with our projections and targets.

One of the deepest-rooted and prestigious members of the Turkish banking industry, our Bank completed 2015 with total assets worth nearly TL 72 billion and a lending volume of TL 53 million. We highly value women entrepreneurs and we support their participation in economic life; hence, we have espoused it as our principal mission to back women entrepreneurs and other economic actors throughout their production and trade cycles, as well as SMEs that build the future of the national economy by producing, providing employment, paying taxes, and realizing exports. We have carried on with our activities and efforts along this line in 2015.

Within the scope of the synergetic cooperation developed with our shareholder BNP Paribas, TEB kept making a difference for its customers in 2015 with its services covering a broad range from foreign trade finance to cash management and investment banking.

We took pride in 16 international innovation awards that endorsed our achievements in 2015. Our Bank continued to encourage entrepreneurship for our country’s young and educated human resource open to technology and innovation, to clear the way for innovative ideas, thus winning value-added business ideas for the economy and making its resources available to entrepreneurs.

So too in the future as it did in the past, TEB will continue to contribute increasing added value to the national economy. TEB aims to achieve growth focused on productivity, as well as numeric growth, while creating value for all of its stakeholders.

While advancing digital platforms is of the utmost importance to us, we will also keep standing by our customers with our Alternative Delivery Channels and extensive branch network.

Today our bank engages with its strategic partner BNP Paribas in a collaborative effort that is rooted in mutual trust and respect. TEB stands constantly by its customers as it successfully manages even the most difficult economic conditions. By combining its tremendous understanding of Turkey’s markets with the international service clout and vision of its global partner, TEB creates value through business models and strategies that are based on specialized knowledge and experience. Similarly the synergies that we create through our subsidiaries play a role in our ability to reach an even broader audience and to enhance the value that we can offer.

In 2016, we will be focusing on carrying out our synergetic cooperation with the prestigious BNP Paribas in all fronts of our operations and taking increased advantage of this powerful synergy. Drawing also on the worldwide service delivery network of BNP Paribas, we are determined to further our differentiated and specialized structure.

We hereby present the operating results and financial statements of TEB for 2015 fiscal year for your comments and review. On behalf of the Board of Directors and myself, I would like to thank you, our valued shareholders, our team, our customers, and our business partners for accompanying and having confidence in us throughout our journey.


Board of Directors