2012 Annual Report
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In line with its targets and strategies, it is TEB’s policy to recruit highly qualified employees, preferably university graduates who are able to represent the bank, think analytically and get along well with their co-workers.

Appropriately designed selection and assessment systems and tools are employed to ensure that high-potential, promising, creative and innovative people join the Group.

Successful employees who have a high potential are promoted both within TEB and within the TEB Financial Services Group following performance assessment.

Based on their performance evaluation, employees who reached their annual targets are rewarded with performance and bonus payments. While these payments cannot be guaranteed in advance, bonus payment criteria are defined for every position and announced to employees every year. Bonus payments are made in cash and Turkish Lira.

Performance of the employees is evaluated on 3 criteria, banking performance, department performance, and personal/individual performance. Bonus payments are made in cash and Turkish Lira.

In 2012, yearly average bonus payment is 1.7 times the monthly average personnel salary.