2012 Annual Report
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TEB successfully closed the 2012 operating year with a pre-tax profit of TL 640.7 million and a net profit of TL 485.6 million.

As of December 31st, 2012, TEB's total assets had grown by 14% YoY to reach TL 43.5 billion. Loans, which are TEB's most important indicator of the support it provides to the national economy and its customers, increased by 16% YoY to reach TL 29.7 billion. Of the total loan volume - that constitutes 68% of TEB's total assets - the share of loans extended to SMEs, which represent the backbone of the national economy, reached 45%. The ratio of non-performing loans was just 2.1%, as a result of TEB's cautious growth approach, which also pays attention to asset quality.

TEB's total deposits increased by 26% during the year – twice the sector growth rate - to reach TL 28.7 billion at the end of 2012. Accordingly, TEB increased its market share in total deposit volumes. In line with its strategy of expanding its deposit base, TEB chalked up 41% growth in volumes of personal deposits. Although deposits, accounting for 66% of total liabilities, are TEB's primary funding resource, TEB has moved to diversify its financial resources in line with changing market conditions and to offer alternative products to account owners. To this end, in 2012, TEB offered TL 744 million of nominally valued bank bonds to the domestic markets. Most of the bonds had a maturity of 1 year.

TEB concluded the year 2012 with a net profit of TL 486 million, corresponding to a 135% YoY increase, indicative of TEB's strong performance in basic banking activities in 2012, as well as its increasing its operational efficiency.

With shareholders' equity having increased by 14% to TL 4.8 billion in 2012, TEB's capital adequacy ratio, calculated in accordance with Basel II standards, stood at 15.2% in the same period.



TEB's financial highlights, its market shares and movements in these market shares as of December 31st, 2012 and December 31st, 2011 are provided below.

 (TL million)





TEB's Share (%)



TEB's Share (%)

Total Assets







Total Loans







Total Deposits







Number of Branches







Number of Personnel







Source (sect oral figures: December 2012 Monthly Bulletin, Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency


In an evaluation conducted in 2012 based on the Bank's 2011 balance sheet,

In this period, TEB's performance results, which are summarized above, indicate the Bank's considerable success in 2012.



BNP Paribas-Group Innovation Award

BNP Paribas Innovation Award-2012

Stevie International Business Awards

Stevie for Sales & Customer Awards

WTA- Billie Jean King Award

Contact Center World.com Awards

Crème de la Crème Business Awards

Global Finance
In 2012, TEB's Corporate Internet Branch was deemed worthy of the "Turkey's Best Corporate Internet Branch" award, courtesy of Global Finance.

European Business Awards

Best Business Awards 

European Enterprise Promotion Awards

IMI Conference Turkey Call Center Awards

Interactive Media Awards

Golden Spider Web Awards

Golden Compass Public Relations Awards



TEB Corporate Banking offers its customers a wide array of products and services, including foreign trade finance, operating and investment loans, cash and risk management products, standard treasury products or derivatives and project finance.

TEB serves those customers with annual turnover equal to or exceeding TL 30 million through a total of 20 Corporate Centers, ten of which are located in Istanbul. TEB also offers its customers the highest level use of TEB's and BNP Paribas' products and services.

TEB continues to further deepen its relations with its customers through its Corporate Branches and specialized staff, as well as its Trade Centers, Customer Support Center, and the special structure that it has established with multinational firms and the cooperation it has built with BNP Paribas and other Group companies.

In 2013, TEB aims to keep customer satisfaction at a maximum level by meeting its customers' unique banking needs in continuously changing financial markets and in the intensively competitive environment, and to strengthen its image as a strong and trustworthy bank in the field of Corporate Banking. The Bank will continue to render services in line with its target of becoming the first bank that comes to mind for TEB customers in every required product in the field of corporate banking.

Having focused intensively on foreign trade since the 1980's, TEB makes a difference in the sector with the strength brought by the global presence of its partner, BNP Paribas.
BNP Paribas was among the first three banks in the world and the first bank in Europe to offer foreign trade finance. Active in 80 different countries and with Trade Centers in 100 locations in 64 countries, BNP Paribas supports TEB's competitive strength in this area.

TEB, in cooperation with more than 2,095 correspondent banks, develops new relations in line with the needs of its customers. In 2012, TEB succeeded in raising its market shares in a number of different areas and produced different solutions for various needs in international trade.

TEB is today able to confirm the letters of credit of more than 100 banks in 13 countries in the Middle
East and total of 171 banks in 44 countries in Africa, including developing countries and some of the world's the riskiest countries. The Bank also offers methods and solutions to aims at minimizing risk, and provides letter of guarantee for counter guarantees and discounted export receivables.

TEB helps its customers access the markets in various countries in Asia, the Middle East and Africa, areas where Turkey has recently been developing trade relations. In this context, the Bank has offered its customers operational solutions, such as Foreign Trade Legislation Hotline and the Letter of Guarantee Preparation Service.

TEB customers can easily transfer money to more than 180 countries
Aiming to meet its customers' money transfer needs in local currency in connection with their investments in different countries, TEB offers its customers the opportunity to send money to more than 180 foreign countries in 135 different currencies through its correspondent banks.

Thanks to the 'Intra Turkey' agreements that TEB entered into with its Euro and US$ correspondents, special prices are applied to FX transfers within Turkey. As such, TEB customers' transactions for the transfer of money in € or US$ denominations within Turkey are completed on the same day as the value date and in a cost-efficient manner.

According to data provided by the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication
(S.W.I.F.T SCRL), TEB holds a 5.6% market share in the number of letters of credit issued by Turkish companies and an 11% market share in the number of letters of guarantee and Stand-By L/Cs issued by Turkish companies, on the basis of the number of transactions. According to studies conducted by S.W.I.F.T SCRL, TEB holds a 7.7% market share in the number of letters of credit issued to Turkish companies and an 8.8% market share in the number of counter guarantee and Stand-By L/Cs provided to Turkish companies, on the basis of the number of transactions.

With the agreement signed with the Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited, TEB became the first bank in Turkey to perform financial transactions with the Chinese Yuan.
With this agreement, TEB offered its customers the opportunity to send and receive money from China through their Yuan accounts and carry out foreign trade transactions in Yuan denominations. As of 2012, TEB's corporate customers began to perform onshore Renminbi (Yuan) transactions through the account opened at the Beijing Branch of Bank of China Ltd.

According to data provided by S.W.I.F.T SCRL, TEB holds a 9.9% market share in the number of money transfers from Turkey and a 4.3% market share in the number of money transfers to Turkey in terms of the number of transactions.

In 2012, TEB maintained its position as one of the leading banks in terms of providing long-term resources required by the Turkish business world, thanks to the relations it has built with international banks and financial institutions.
Despite a sharp contraction in the volume of funding facilities abroad, TEB has continued to finance its customers' long-term investments at competitive costs, thanks to its close and long established relations with banks, as well as its cooperation with BNP Paribas.

TEB renewed the 1-year maturity syndication loan that matured in 2012. Directing this loan to support exporters, TEB received a syndication loan 110% larger than the previous loan. The syndication loan, which was received in denominations of two different currencies, amounted to US$ 431 million in total.

Within the framework of the second tranche of the EFIL IV loan offered to exporters in accordance with the agreement signed with TSKB, the intermediate bank, the total volume of loans extended by TEB to corporate customers had reached US$ 19,950,000 and € 12,800,000 as of December 2012.

In 2012, TEB received subordinated debt by issuing bonds to international markets through BNP Paribas. These bonds, totaling € 100 million and US$ 65 million, have a 12-year maturity and TEB has an option for early repayment at the end of a 7-year period. Depending on trends concerning risky assets, the Bank plans to undertake further subordinated borrowing through similar financial instruments in 2013.

TEB Trade Centers
As Turkish businesses have expanded and diversified their markets, TEB has set up infrastructure to allow its customers to benefit from the opportunities introduced by BNP Paribas, which operates in 80 countries

TEB Trade Centers are located in Istanbul, Izmir,
Adana, Ankara and Bursa, which account for almost 70% of Turkish foreign trade volume, provide special facilities.

Creative foreign trade finance models, designed to best fit customers' needs, are developed through the expertise of TEB and BNP Paribas in the field of foreign trade finance, along with their wide correspondent networks, while appropriate solutions are offered in a rapid and cost-efficient manner by making use of BNP Paribas's worldwide network.

Thanks to receivables finance, supply finance and stock solutions - the Supply Chain
Finance products developed by BNP Paribas - customizable models are developed in line with the operating capital and balance sheet management needs of customers with high trading volume.

In addition to extending finance to hazelnut and tobacco producers, an area where the Bank is traditionally strong, solutions are also being developed with the aim of financing commodities such as grain, vegetable oil, synthetic rubber, raw materials for plastics, concentrated fruit and chrome ore. With professional assistance in these areas, TEB restructures its customers' financial needs from supply to the collection of revenues both in the domestic market and in foreign trade.

Through its Foreign Trade Training programs, TEB provides its foreign trade customers with the basic foreign trade information required by these customers in executing their business reliably, as well as information on primary risks and technical data. These programs are organized on a face-to-face basis, or with the participation of a number of customers.

As part of a series of seminars entitled "How to do business", seminars on following topics were held in 2012: "How to do business in Belgium" and "How to do business in China"
These seminars, held with the participation of representatives of the subsidiaries of the BNP Paribas Group in these countries, officials from the offices of related commercial counselors and other authorities dealing with commercial issues, seek to ensure that existing and potential customers trading with these countries, or planning to do so, are informed by the most qualified individuals. Country seminars, attended by a number of company executives, will continue provide a valuable source of knowledge for exporters in the years to come as well.

Thanks to the Eximbank insurance implemented in accordance with the protocol signed by TEB and Türk Eximbank, short-, medium- and long-term export receivables can be discounted by supplying them to exporters as loans. As such, exporters are provided with the necessary financial support for their insured receivables.

In 2012 TEB's Cash Management Unit continued to develop innovative and customer-oriented services and products, which were deemed worthy of many prestigious awards in the international platform.

TEB received awards in two separate categories in the 13th "Europe's Best Banks" contest organized by Global Finance – one of the world's most respected business and finance magazines. Thus, the Bank proved that it is one step ahead of its rivals with the TEB Corporate Internet Branch, which was chosen as "Turkey's Best Corporate Internet Bank". In addition, standing out among its rivals, TEB also received the award, "Europe's Best Online Cash Management Service Provider".

By keeping a close view of contemporary trends, the Cash Management Unit at TEB allowed companies to take advantage of developments in mobile technologies for the first time
This year, CepPOS joined Mobil DBS and MobiliTEB in TEB's portfolio of innovative mobile collection products. CepPOS was deemed worthy of the Bronze Award in the category, "Best New Product and Product Management" at the International Stevie Awards 2012. With CepPOS, the Cash Management Unit added the POS device feature to mobile phones without the need for any additional apparatus – a world first. This way, mobile phones can be used as a payment instrument instead of credit cards, while CepPOS can be used as a collection instrument instead of a POS device.

Following the new Cheque Law dated: July 1st, 2012, TEB implemented the sector's first Direct Debit System (DDS) with installments in order to offer an alternative solution for those companies seeking collection systems with a bank guarantee.



Aiming to maximize customer satisfaction by designing products and services with a particular focus on customers and their needs, the TEB SME Banking Group continued to make a difference in the sector in 2012 with its vision as the "consultant bank of its customers".

In 2012, the TEB SME Banking Group introduced its innovative banking approach to a wider client base, while rising penetration in the SME segment precipitated gains in the Bank's market shares. According to figures pertaining to the end of 2012 published by the BRSA, the Bank commands a 6.51% market share in cash loans (SMEs) and a 10.4% market share in non-cash loans (SMEs).

In 2012 TEB started to work on alternative service models in line with changing customer needs and the Bank's target of more effective cost management, and implemented a pilot study for the "Mobile Customer Representative" project.

Continuing to support the sector by organizing conferences
Aiming to support SMEs in their efforts to get a step ahead of the national and global competition by providing them with information on enterprise management, TEB continued to organize SME Academy training sessions in 2012, providing training to 2,500 people in eight cities during this period. Accordingly, the total number of business people reached by TEB through such training sessions in the last 7 years reached 16,000.

Since 2008, TEB has been holding Future Strategy Conferences, which allow sectors to establish their mid- and long-term development plans and to shape their future strategies. One of the Future Strategy Conferences held in 2012 focused on the tourism sector, and the report from the conference was delivered to Mr. Ertuğrul Günay – the Minister for Culture and Tourism – and released to the public in January.

In addition to the tourism sector, another Future Strategy Conference was held for the agricultural sector, which is of tremendous importance for the national economy and a sector which TEB has helped formulate future strategies for. The final report of this conference was released to the public during the "TEB SME Academy-Agriculture Sector Meetings" event on December 13th, 2012.

Services for the convenience of SME's
The TEB SME Consultants service analyzes SMEs not only from a financial perspective, but also from the perspective of their production, sales-marketing, organizational structure, management strategy and human resources. The service reached a broader client base in 2012, continuing to contribute positively to customers' business results.

The first internet TV in the sector to serve SMEs, TEB SME TV reached more than 4.5 million visitors in 2012. With over 122,000 members and an archive of around 6,000 videos, TEB SME TV maintains its importance in the sector.

Aiming to simplify the daily lives of SME's, solve some of the problems they face (such as finding the right product and reaching the seller) in purchase and supply processes, and to offer discounts of up to 50% in their purchases, the SME CLUB platform continued to offer very favorable advantages for TEB's corporate customers in 2012.

TEB widened the diversity of its business partners with the participation of the American Culture Association Language Schools and Türk Barter.

One of TEB's most important projects in this area has been the partnership which TEB has entered into with the Credit Guarantee Fund (KGF). TEB is also a shareholder of the KGF, which serves those SMEs experiencing problems in finding guarantees. By becoming involved in KGF's projects, TEB is able to offer unique solutions to SMEs. In 2012 TEB conducted another new joint project with the Credit Guarantee Fund (KGF), in order to help solve the finance problems faced by SMEs, agricultural enterprises and cooperatives operating in cities, which are on the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Oil Pipeline route and to improve the economic performance of micro-, small- and mid-sized enterprises (MSMEs) and individual entrepreneurs. Within the scope of this $25 million project, which was created with the partnership between the KGF and the company, BTC, recently established firms have also been supplied with loans.

TEB and the French Development Agency (Agence Française de Developpement –AFD) entered a project of cooperation in 2007, in order to help spread the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility among SME's in Turkey. Within the scope of such cooperation, SME's are able to access long-term and cost-efficient loans and attend training and conferences free-of-charge under the CSR concept. As part of the loan program, TEB maintained its efforts to raise awareness on the CSR concept during 2012 through CR audits and activities such as e-learning. Furthermore, CSR-themed conferences were held in 2012 for all existing and potential customers. TEB especially worked to introduce the CSR concept to companies operating in the automotive and textiles sectors in a conference entitled "Branding in the Automotive Sector and Understanding Responsibility in Institutionalization" held in Bursa and in the conference entitled "Responsible Supply Chain Management in Textiles" held in Kahramanmaraş.

The International Finance Cooperation (IFC) prepared a case study in 2011, in which TEB was highlighted by the IFC as one of the world's best three banks in the category, "Offering Non-Financial Services to SMEs". The conference was presented to the world in a press conference held by senior IFC executives in 2012.
In order to share this success story with other banks in emerging markets, TEB sent a guest speaker to the IFC SME Banking Conferences held in Lebanon, South Africa, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Tunisia and Nigeria in 2012, sharing its experiences in SME banking.

TEB SME Academy
The TEB SME Academy embarked on efforts to adapt TEB SME Club's services to the BRAC Bank, one of Bangladesh's major banks. TEB goes to great lengths to transfer know-how from BNP Paribas through synergic collaborations. To this end, TEB sent a guest speaker to the strategy meetings held at Ukrsibbank, one of the banks under the roof of BNP Paribas, and which shares its approach to SME Banking. TEB also began to provide active support so that services such as the TEB SME Academy can be adapted to the Ukrainian market.

TEB Small Business Banking, with its wide product range, aims to produce solutions for all of its customers' financial needs from a single location, and to be the first bank to come to mind in the field of small business banking. TEB's Small Business Banking unit has progressed rapidly to be one of the sector's leading and dynamic players with its customer-oriented approach and wide branch network.

POS, one of the most important products in acquiring new customers, maintained its importance for the small business segment in 2012.

In 2011, TEB began to offer a new service, entitled "TEB Small Business Experts", in order to assess the problems encountered by its customers in the Small Business segment during the management of their business - with a point of view beyond banking - and to offer comprehensive solution packages.
Aiming to ensure that Small Business Customer Relations Managers serve as more competent bank officers by providing them with one year of training on small business management, this practice gained momentum in 2012, further strengthening the Bank's relations with its customers. Small Business Customer Relations Managers are required to undergo training on a range of topics, including preparation of business plans, development of long-term growth strategies, and improvement of marketing and sales activities. Small Business Customer Relations Managers are responsible for assessing customers, not only with respect to finance management, but also in areas such as production, marketing, human resources and foreign trade, offering solutions and proposals for customers' existing problems and helping them prepare for any problems they may encounter. The Small Business Customer Relations Managers, who completed their training in 2012, have brought a breath of fresh air to the sector in the area of customer management by bringing different points of view to TEB customers.

Helping small businesses grow by providing consultancy services, TEB has taken one step further by launching the Techno-Entrepreneur Support Package in 2011. The Bank continued to offer this package to techno-entrepreneurs in 2012.
In 2012 TEB focused on special training programs, which would help prepare techno-entrepreneurs for competition on a global scale and improve their visions. In these training sessions, TEB sought to prepare young entrepreneurs for business life in the following areas:

In 2012, more than 10 training programs were held in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir; more than 1,400 techno-entrepreneurs/techno-entrepreneur candidates participated in these programs. The projects undertaken by techno-entrepreneurs were exhibited and introduced to investors in the TEB booth at the Techno-Entrepreneur Summit, which was jointly held by TEB and Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology of the Republic of Turkey, as well as in TEB's booths at the CeBIT fair and TIM (Turkish Exporters Assembly) Innovation Week.


With one of the sector's largest product portfolios in Agricultural Banking, TEB closed 2012 with a credit volume of more than TL 1 billion in agricultural loans, becoming one of the fastest growing banks in this area.
One of the greatest advantages of TEB's Agricultural Banking Group is that TEB's personnel who are employed in the branches, regional directorates and the head office are under the supervision of a group of managers who have extensive knowledge of the agricultural sector. The bank's approach in designing products and services according to its customers' needs is one of the factors which sets TEB apart in the sector.

Aiming to acquire new customers and raise its market share, TEB developed new products in 2012 while effecting improvements to its existing products in a bid to prioritize customer satisfaction.
TEB sought to increase customer satisfaction by undertaking improvements in the "Harman Kart", an indispensable facility for manufacturers enabling them to complete their payments from harvest to harvest. TEB also offered special advantages to manufacturers in 2012 through campaigns such as "World Farmers Day" and "Vehicles and Houses for Farmers".

One of TEB's primary targets in 2012 was to develop collaboration with the major players of the sector, in addition to offering special financial solutions. Thanks to collaborative agreements that TEB has reached with SHELL Turkey – the most popular fuel oil company for manufacturers – and Toros Tarım, the sector leader in the field of fertilizers, TEB began to offer especially attractive advantages to manufacturers with respect to input costs.

In 2012 TEB began to carry its "consultant bank" approach in the SME Banking segment to the Agricultural Banking segment and prepared product-based marketing and sales strategies, helping field personnel raise their sales and marketing performance.
As well as providing financial support to the growth efforts of small businesses operating in the agricultural sector, a new training program was prepared and implemented by the TEB SME Academy for the agriculture sector in a bid to provide small businesses with information on small business management. With the vision of introducing a visionary point of view to agricultural enterprises through interactive workshops, "TEB SME Academy-Agriculture Meetings" aim to provide practical information to agricultural enterprises on topics such as small business management, long-term strategic development, agricultural marketing and foreign trade.


In 2012 TEB Gold Banking sought to offer its customers alternative investment tools and enable them to expand their investment portfolios.
As gold prices maintained their upward trend in 2012, gold capital assumed greater importance for major wholesalers and manufacturers operating in the jewelry sector and who work under the franchise and dealership system. In 2012, TEB became the sector leader in gold loans with a 35% market share, financing its customers' short- and long-term needs.

Offering the Silver Account to its individual and corporate customers in April, TEB expanded its product diversity, along with a number of other banks in the sector. Through the Jewelry Collection System that aims to include jewelry invoice payments in the banking system following gold payments, TEB began to create resources for companies engaged in jewelry dealing. Moreover, by entering regional collaborations, the Bank carried out efforts that would support the acquisition of new customers. The Bank also gained the opportunity to access a number of new companies through protocols that it signed with the Adana and Antalya Chambers of Jewelers.

Another target of the Gold Banking Group in 2012 was to enable its customers to undertake their transactions in alternative delivery channels in an easy and rapid way. Following the Bank's implementations in this area, TEB's individual and corporate customers are now able to carry out gold and silver trade 24/7 through alternative channels, such as Internet Banking, ATM and Phone Banking.

Besides providing financial support to the jewelry sector, TEB Gold Banking continued in 2012 its activities, which would further deepen its communication with the sector. Such events that are especially important for the sector as 34th Istanbul Jewelry Fair, Izmir Chamber of Jewelers 60th Anniversary Ball, Karadeniz Gold Expo, etc., were organized with TEB Gold Banking Group's sponsorship. Moreover, TEB Gold Banking Group met with the leading jewelers of the city in
Manisa, Denizli, Aydın, Uşak, Ankara, Bursa, Adapazarı, Düzce, Adana, Izmir and Diyarbakır, holding informative meetings on the jewelry sector and the global gold markets.

When its Public Banking Group opened for business in 2009, TEB became one of just two private banks in the sector to serve local administrations.
By offering unique banking products and services to this area, which had previously been completely under the monopoly of public banks for various legal reasons, TEB has gone to great lengths to improve service processes. To this end, TEB offers fully sector-specific products which meet the sector's the financial needs under more viable conditions. The Bank also offers technological cash management solutions to local administrations regarding collections.

TEB Public Banking launches the sector's first surcharge practice for collections made from credit cards.

In 2012, TEB Public Banking allocated a credit limit of more than TL 500 million to around 200 municipalities and municipality subsidiaries. The Group collected more than TL 600 million in 2012 in a wide array of categories, from property tax to the legal share accounts for the İller Bank.




In 2012 TEB Private Banking increased its number of customers by 21% and its total assets by 44%.
Offering private banking services under Asset Management since 1989, TEB was the first bank in the sector to offer private banking and asset management services in real terms. The "TEB Special Services" approach was designed and implemented in 2012.

Under this approach, TEB takes the needs and requests of its Private Banking customers and their family members into account, providing service based on the principle of single contact.

Private banking customers, who enjoy access to basic banking products, also benefit from the Private Asset Management Service provided by TEB Portföy AŞ. In addition, TEB offers consultancy services in a bid to generate solutions for the non-financial needs of its Private Banking customers. One such service provided by TEB Private Banking is the Luxury and Commercial Real Estate Consultancy. TEB collaborates with Sotheby's Turkey in the luxury property category, while selected properties are advertised in the Luxurious Real Estate portfolio on a monthly basis from TEB's Special iPad application. In the commercial real estate category, TEB offers solutions to its Private Banking customers in cooperation with Kuzey Batı Gayrimenkul, the Turkish business partner of BNP Paribas Real Estate, which is one of Europe's largest players in this category.

TEB Private Banking customers are entitled to the TEB Special Platinum Card and the TEB Special World Signia Card, the most comprehensive and privileged card offered by Master Card. The comprehensive insurance package included with the TEB Special World Signia Card provides convenience and assurance when travelling, while the Priority Pass Card provided with the TEB Special World Signia Card offers cardholders access to a number of airport lounges throughout the world. Also providing a 10% refund for every 100 TL/US$/Euros spent in restaurants and hotels both in and outside Turkey, the TEB Special Signia Card is deemed to be one of the most sought after credit cards.

Launched at the end of 2011, the TEB Private iPad Application won wide acclaim in the BNP Paribas Innovation Awards. The iPad Application, designed as a special platform for Private Banking customers, offers TEB Private Banking customers access to market commentaries and videos with financial commentaries, which are updated on a daily basis. The same application also provides TEB customers with information on TEB's events. TEB's Private Banking customers can carry out video calls with customer representatives through this platform.

Private Real Estate Service for Private Banking Customers
TEB has entered cooperation with a number of companies to offer a wide array of services concerning real estate, as required by its customers, both individually and commercially. Customers wishing to make use of such services, not only in Turkey but globally, have the opportunity to reach real estate consultants at BNP Paribas Wealth Management.

In 2012, TEB Private Banking was involved in a number of selective events in the fields of art, sports and finance.
In the first half of the year, TEB Private Banking and The Marmara Collection sponsored the BAYK 2012 Winter Trophy. Throughout the year, TEB introduced private banking customers to experts from various branches of the arts under the "TEB Private Speeches", which took place in many Turkish cities.

For TEB Private Banking, the biggest event in 2012 was the Viola Camp held in collaboration with the Iznik Foundation Viola Community in November in Istanbul.
TEB Private Banking sponsored the Iznik Foundation Viola Camp, held for the 7th time in 2012 by the Iznik Foundation, and the Iznik Foundation Viola Community Concert held in Istanbul on November 26th.


In 2012 TEB Retail Sales Academy identified areas of development and carried out various activities aimed at:

With this project, which represented a first in Turkey, TEB has aimed to look at the banking sector under a wider perspective which covers the entire system. To this end, the TEB Retail Sales Academy aims to offer alternative solutions by analyzing the needs and expectations of customers with a long-term perspective and by focusing not only banking products, but also on the entire financial lives of customers.

TEB entered cooperation with "Bosporus University", one of Turkey's most highly respected education institutions, in a bid to improve its Retail and Star Banking teams of TEB employees, those who best understand their customers, who are well-equipped and those who offer financial solutions to their customers the most effective way. The 6-module TEB Retail Sales Academy opened its doors on July 26th. A total of 60 Customer Representatives participated in the Bosporus Certification program in 2012.

TEB believes that the Direct Sales Channel is vitally important in terms of acquiring new customers. The Bank focused mainly on selling credit cards and consumer loans through this channel, which accounted for 36% of the Bank's total credit card sales in 2012, up from the 22% in 2012.

Star Banking
TEB Star Banking customers have now become members of a privileged group on a global scale. In 2012, the Bank became a member of BNP Paribas Priority, which brings BNP Paribas – TEB's global partner and one of the world's strongest banks, together with customers from middle and upper income groups in Turkey, France, Italy, Belgium and Luxemburg under a single roof. This development has opened the doors of a world full of privileges for TEB Star Banking customers.

By using their bank cards, TEB Star Banking Customers can now draw money free of charge from BNP Paribas ATM's or the ATMs of any of its affiliated banks in many locations around the world. Through the Easy Appointment System, TEB Star Banking also offers its customers convenience in banking transactions at the BNP Paribas branches in 5 countries that are covered by BNP Paribas Priority. The Credit Card International Emergency Support Program ensures that new credit cards can be issued and delivered to any TEB Star Banking customer within 48 hours in the event that their credit cards are lost, stolen or become unusable abroad.

Product Development and Management
TEB offered a range of campaigns at attractive prices and with different payment options throughout 2012 in a bid to meet its customers' loan requirements, and continued to take steps that make a difference in the sector.

'Paran Hazır' (Your Money Is Ready) Account
With the 'Paran Hazır' (Your Money Is Ready) Account, which is a new Installment Overdraft Account (ODA), TEB has released a brand new product – the first of its kind in Turkey – where TEB customers can apply for through all alternative delivery channels and Bank branches, which will cover TEB customers' instant cash needs in installments while also allowing them to carry out their other banking transactions through their overdraft accounts.

Savings Loan
The "Savings Loan" product was offered to the market based on the idea that TEB customers can save money when they take out a loan. The "Savings Loan" refunds the booking fee collected from the customer when extending a loan, which deposits money in the customer's account at each installment payment, and allows the customer to earn money from every banking transaction which they perform.

Deposit Management
As of 2012, TEB was the fastest growing bank among the Tier 1 or Tier 2 groups in terms of savings deposits, according to the Q4 results announced by the BRSA.

One of TEB's deposit products, the Marifetli (Talented) Account allows TEB customers to increase their savings at attractive interest rates and allows instant access to their money.

With the Mevdufon Account, one of TEB's investment products, customers can build their savings by keeping a portion in their deposit accounts, while the remainder of their savings is invested in mutual funds.

TEB's market share in mutual funds rose from 4.95% at the beginning of 2012 to 5.62% by the end of the year.

Card Payment Systems
Having added an array of unique features to its credit cards in 2012, the Card Products Management Department continued to increase the number of advantages extended by TEB's credit cards with special offers in a range of social and cultural activities, such as restaurants, entertainment, cinemas and theaters.

TEB Platinum, TEB Yıldız Platinum, TEB Özel Platinum, TEB Titanium and TEB World Signia credit cards are entitled to free access to the comforts of the "prime class" business lounges in Istanbul's Atatürk International Airport.

In 2012, the total POS volume of the market grew by 26%, while TEB's POS transaction volume increased by 38% to TL 23.4 billion. TEB's POS devices are used in about 120,000 locations.

Alternative Delivery Channels

In 2012 TEB continued to invest in digital banking channels, which it has designated as a strategic area.

In 2012 TEB invested a total of TL 30 million in ATMs. With this investment, the total number of TEB's ATMs nationwide increased by 19% YoY to 1,045 in 2012. TEB renewed its ATM network by adding the state-of-the-art ATMs, where money can be deposited and which are able to offer payment in coins.

Working to the principle of offering its customers the most comfortable and practical solutions by transforming technology into service, TEB maintained its pioneering role in the sector by introducing new innovations in 2012.

The renewed CEBTETEB has carried mobile customer experience to a whole new level. A first in the world, the feature 'Drawing Money from the ATM with QR Code and without Card' was offered to TEB customers. The "Online Help" practice, that operates based on the web chat infrastructure, was implemented through TEB's Internet Branch. TEB customers needing assistance while using the internet branch can obtain help from TEB's customer representatives and find answers to their questions through the instant "Online Help" practice. For the first time in Turkey, TEB offered the facility to monitor the Credit Registry Office's Risk Report. TEB customers can access this facility through TEB's internet branch.

In an effort to be closer to its customers on the web, TEB implemented the following projects: zamanyolculuğu.com and TEB JR. The website at
www.zamanyolculugu.com has already received a total of 1.9 million hits. The TEB Junior website, at
www.tebjr.com, aims to explain the importance of saving to children on an entertaining platform.

The idea, "to design ATMs in the form of products that identify with cities where they are produced" was raised in the TEB's Smart Ideas Competition, and implemented with the opening of the TEB's Apricot ATM in Malatya. Since the beginning of 2012, all customers of banks affiliated to the BNP Paribas Group are able to use TEB's ATMs free-of-charge. With the improvement made in this area, TEB customers gained the free use of more than 40,000 ATMs internationally throughout six continents.

TEB's digital banking channels received a total of 24 awards, both in Turkey and abroad, in 2012

In 2012 TEB's Practical Internet Branch was chosen as "Turkey's Best Internet Branch" in the Internet Banking category at the Golden Spider Web Awards. Likewise, TEB's Corporate Internet Branch was deemed worthy of the "Turkey's Best Corporate Internet Branch" award, handed out by Global Finance in 2012. TEB was able to lower its operating costs and income-cost ratio by transferring the transactions performed through branches to alternative channels throughout 2012.

In 2012, 42% of money deposit transactions, 77% of money drawing transactions, 66% of credit card payments and 90% of money transfers were performed through digital banking channels; meanwhile, 11% of total product sales were realized through digital channels. The number of customers actively using TEB's internet branch increased by 25% YoY, while the penetration rate rose from 17% to 21%. The ratio of customers using the digital banking channels reached 82%.

TEB will maintain its pace of investment in new digital channels such as smart phones, tablet PCs and Smart TVs in the coming period. In 2012, the Bank's TEB Pratik Borsa (TEB Practical Stock Exchange) which allows TEB customers to conduct equity trading and derivatives transactions through their iPhone and Android smart phones was put into practice, while a TEB practice compatible with Smart TVs was developed.


TEB collaborates with the following institutions in different branches in insurance and private pension products:

In 2012 TEB Bancassurance continued to provide services through TEB branches, meeting its customers' needs for insurance and private pension products and also through TEB's call center and internet branch in order to ensure effective use of TEB's alternative delivery channels. Efforts were also undertaken to ensure our customers could also access insurance products through TEB's ATMs.

In the bancassurance channel, premium production in the life branch in the sector had grown by 7.8% YoY by the end of 2012, while premium production in the non-life branch grew by 22% YoY in the same period. In 2012, TEB Bancassurance notched up growth in excess of the sector rate in the life branch, while growing almost in line with the sector in the non-life branch. In 2012, TEB achieved a 3% market share in terms of the number of private pension contracts.

By updating its product portfolio on a client basis in 2012, TEB Bancassurance launched two new and special products; the "Star Pension Plan" and the "Private Pension Plan" for Private Banking and Star Banking customers. Moreover, the department designed new home insurance and personal accident products by expanding the guarantee coverage of non-life insurance policies, and developed "Invoice Protection Insurance" that offers assurance against involuntary unemployment, death or disability.

TEB aims to offer the right products and services to its customers in a timely manner through the channels of their preference. To this end, as well as meeting the needs of its customers in all segments where it operates, the Bank has also performed various studies supported by advanced analytical modeling and tendency analyses in a bid to offer the best customer experience.


TEB Family Academy
TEB believes that the proper management of families' economies is of critical importance for the sake of Turkey's future. As "Turkey's Economy Bank", TEB launched the TEB Family Academy on October 5th, 2012, in order to bring financial literacy to families. Through training programs provided by branch managers free-of-charge within the scope of Corporate Social Responsibility, TEB aims to improve the financial situations of families and thus improve their living standards. As of December 31st, 2012, a total of 15,856 family members became financially literate through 923 separate events held in branches. In addition, between November 1st and December 31st, 2012, a total of 3,618 people attended 17 non-branch events. A total of 940 events were held, where 19,474 people received training.

Customer Interaction Center
The Customer Satisfaction Center renders service to Bank customers on a 24/7 basis through more than 400 transaction sets in 40 different countries through 5 different channels (incoming calls, external calls, external resources, automatic search system (IVN) and Webchat) by focusing on customer experience.

The Customer Satisfaction Center provides infrastructure and human resources for the customer service centers of TEB Investment, TEB Leasing and TEB Cetelem.



The mission of TEB's Asset Liability Management and Treasury Department is to ensure the effectiveness of asset liability management and to protect the Bank's general liquidity.

To this end, TEB has restructured the Asset Liability and Treasury Department as the backbone of its balance sheet management.

In order to better serve its customers, the Bank gathered conventional customer transactions under the Financial Markets Department, leaving the remaining balance sheet responsibility to the Asset Liability and Treasury Department.

The primary goal of the Asset Liability and Treasury Department is to optimally manage the Bank's interest, country, and structural FX and liquidity risks in its balance sheet, in order to maximize the Bank's risk-free capital.

In 2012, the Asset Liability and Treasury Department:

By keeping a close eye on the monetary policy applied by the Central Bank of Turkey and by analyzing other data, the Asset Liability and Treasury Department models account for various balance sheet items under the financial engineering approach. The Asset Liability and Treasury Department undertakes a variety of financial transactions in foreign and domestic markets ranging from repurchase-reverse repurchase transactions to complex derivatives transactions in accordance with appropriate legislation and regulations, and by carefully taking into account the Bank's traditional risk approach.

The Asset Liability and Treasury Department continued to issue bonds in 2012, a practice that began in 2011. The department has thus increased its non-deposit resources on the side of TL liabilities. By offering TEB customers various deposit products, including innovative products such as the Marifetli (Talented) Account, the department continued to support various business lines within the Bank, thereby spreading its customer base, deepening relations with its customers and achieving greater product differentiation.

Precious metal and effective FX transactions, which are under the responsibility of the Asset Liability and Treasury Department, were again successfully managed in 2012. TEB maintained its leadership with a 35% market share in gold loans and ranked among the leading players in terms of gold deposits, with a 4.5% market share. The department also began to carry out silver transactions in 2012, and the silver depository accounts attracted a considerable amount of interest from customers. Meanwhile, in interbank effective FX transactions, TEB attained the highest transaction volumes seen in the last decade at US$ 4.5 billion, maintaining its leadership in the market.

Also during 2012, significant progress was covered in the Asset Liability and Treasury Department's data processing projects, launched to adapt BNPP's know-how to TEB. Through improvements that will mostly come to fruition in 2013, the department is expected to switch to a more effective structure in data processing centers.


Established under TEB, the Corporate Investment Banking Group's primary aim is to create synergy by combining TEB's local client network with BNPP's global marketing facilities, expertise and product know-how, as well as its strong presence in global financial centers, such as London and New York. In 2012, new synergies were created in the areas of Financial Markets and Structured and Corporate Finance.

Established in 2011, TEB Corporate Investment Banking aims to offer a new product layer to TEB customers. The Group completed its integration into the Bank in 2012 and further expanded its product portfolio.

The TEB Corporate Investment Banking Group offered new solutions aimed at protecting customers from risks, particularly in FX and interest derivatives transactions, without compromising the Bank's risk management principles. The Group also works to develop new products aimed at ensuring protection against price volatility in commodity markets.

Having combined TEB's strength in domestic markets with BNPP's expertise and experience in such fields as capital markets, structured finance and consultancy, the Corporate Investment Banking Group has a structure which meets all companies' needs in these areas.

TEB and BNP Paribas, two key players in the Turkish economy, have placed trust in their cooperation. Besides providing each other with the opportunity to access international markets, such cooperation offers TEB the ability to compete in the international arena by benefiting from the ideal pricing and structuring facilities offered by BNP Paribas.

In 2012 TEB also launched various infrastructure and energy projects that will contribute to Turkey's development. TEB supports these projects in cooperation with BNP Paribas through analytical and consultancy services.

Corporate Investment Banking is integrated with TEB's client lines and BNPP's product lines. As such, TEB can benefit from its own growing client network, as well as the knowledge of product specialists at BNP Paribas.

New Opportunities for Corporate Investment Banking…
In 2012, Turkey stood at with respect to:

These developments contributed to the creation of attractive opportunities for various business lines with Corporate Investment Banking.

TEB Financial Markets continues to develop its business model in order to offer the best products and services in line with the needs of TEB customers. New information technologies systems which are currently under development will provide customers with the opportunity to create unique solutions in a safe environment in line with their needs.

In 2012 TEB was also the main sponsor of the Bonds and Loans Conference Turkey, which was held with the participation of Turkey's largest companies and financial institutions.

The conference was a clear indicator of the tremendous potential offered by Turkish capital markets and the interest they attract. The TEB Corporate Investment Banking Group believes that this interest in capital markets will grow. During this period, TEB will continue to be an important player in the sector and contribute to the Turkish economy by maintaining its leading position in the domestic capital markets.



The TEB Securities Services Department entered service in 2007 as TEB assumed responsibility for the settlement and custody services, which had been provided by BNP Paribas in Turkey since the 1990's.

TEB Securities Services Department serves its customers with a specialized team at the head office and as the Turkey branch of BNP Paribas Securities Services, which is Europe's largest custody bank.

In addition to the settlement and custody services provided to foreign and domestic corporate investors, the department also develops capital market and banking solutions to meet the meet needs of corporate investors and exporters, arising after their investment and funding decisions.

TEB Securities Services Department offers:

The fund operation and custody services that TEB offers domestic asset management companies have been reviewed in accordance with the new capital markets law.

Continued expansion of client portfolio in 2012
The department began to provide settlement and custody services to a number of well-known foreign corporate investors, with collateral management and related bank account transactions offered for futures transactions. Through such efforts, TEB Securities Services continued to raise its market share.

One of the department's most important achievements during the year was the cooperation between Clearstream Banking S.A. and TEB with respect to settlement and custody services and Turkish Lira transactions.

TEB Securities Services works on projects that allow foreign investors to rapidly access Turkish capital markets by electronic means. The department also acquired new customers by allowing exporters the domestic market to access central registry systems.

TEB was deemed "Top Rated" in 2012 by the Global Custodian Magazine, the sector's leading media publication, in a survey evaluating banks that provide custody services in emerging markets on the basis of customer reviews. In the "Sub-Custodian" survey conducted by the Global Investor, another prestigious media publication, TEB Securities Services achieved the highest score for two years in a row.

In the light of the developments in the Turkish capital markets, TEB aims to maintain its growth in the field of securities services in 2013, as in 2012. With its pioneering and innovative approach, TEB will remain the first bank to come to mind for those customers looking for more than what a "service provider" can offer.



By using internal resources and project-based outsourcing where necessary, TEB's IT group undertakes strategic and tactical projects required by the Bank in line with its vision, mission and targets. Keeping abreast of technological developments, the Group also contributes to the development of new products and services, and to the improvement of existing processes.

The main task of the TEB Information Technology (IT) Group in 2012 was to design projects that would satisfy TEB's needs quickly and permanently and to launch common programs and initiatives that would establish synergy between TEB and the BNP Paribas Group.

The IT Organization was renewed in June 2012 such that it could operate under a streamlined management. IT Teams were made more synchronous with Business Units, while titles were rearranged to meet the special needs of the IT Group.

As part of the Business Processes Management, a number of projects were conducted which support the Bank's targets (customer-orientation, operational excellence and corporate agility) and focus on critical business processes
Within the framework of the Lean 6 Sigma program, TEB maintained its strong cooperation with BNP Paribas. TEB worked on the design of various governance structures and application solutions that would increasingly support the Bank's competencies and practices connected to the business processes.

TEB undertook investment in its infrastructure to enhance its performance and capacity and commissioned various infrastructural projects in order to realize its targets in 2012 and beyond:

Major Programs Conducted by TEB Information Technologies in 2012

Asset-Liability Management/Treasury and Financial Markets Integration Program
TEB Information Technology aims to ensure integration with complicated pricing tools developed by BNP Paribas. The first phase of the program is planned to be completed in the first quarter of 2013.

Multichannel CRM Applications (MCCRM) Program
As part of the first phase of the MCCRM Program, which was designed in 2012 and will be commissioned in early 2013, the same customer service interface will be rolled out in the branches and the call center. The second phase, which is planned to be commissioned in the third quarter of 2013, includes the integration of application components, designed by BNPP for channel integration in customer services, into TEB's systems.

Asset-Liability Management/Breakdown of Profitability of the Treasury and Financial Markets Groups
In 2012, a project was carried out to determine the breakdown of profitability in the Asset-Liability Management/ Treasury and Financial Markets Groups by their sub- groups.

Project of Renewal of TEB's Corporate Loan Structure

This projects aims to simplify and renew TEB's Basic Loan Structure and Loan (SME, Small Business and Corporate) Proposal Processes and to set up a completely new infrastructure. The first phase of the project was completed in 2012. TEB's IT Group will work on the second phase of the project, which includes such projects as SME loans scoring automation and Central Loan Operations, in the first half of 2013.



Human Resources Policy
The underlying objectives in TEB's human resources activities are to be one of the best examples of excellence in human resources practices in the financial services sector; to manage all human resources related processes actively, so as to provide the Bank with a competitive edge; and to support the Bank's human resources performance through coordination of the overall effort.

TEB's Human Resources Group strives to

With these practices, TEB Human Resources provides swift and effective support to all employees in all human resources related matters, while playing a key role in further raising the efficiency and performance of TEB branches.

At the end of 2012, the Bank had 9,288 employees on its payroll and a total of 509 branches.
Of TEB's employees, 61% are university graduates, 5.5% hold a master's degree and 0.1% have a doctorate.
An average of 62 hours of training was provided per employee in 2012.

Competence Management and TEB Competency Model in 2012
The follow-on development of employees who had demonstrated high potential and performance within the framework of Competence Management processes was specially conducted during 2012 through Competence Management, in conjunction with the employees' managers.

Individual training plans, prepared in accordance with employees' needs, have contributed significantly to the development of TEB employees. These plans are complemented with mentoring work and other developmental instruments.

TEB Competence Model
Aiming to ensure that high performance is maintained, the TEB Competence Model plays a key role in the development of employees in accordance with TEB's vision, mission and corporate values. The TEB Competency model, which was synchronized with the Competency Model developed by BNP Paribas in 2012, has four main headings ("Leadership", "Think the Business", "Drive Results" and "Maximize Yourself") and a total of 19 Competencies.

Annual Talent Day held on April 6th
Talent Day, which is held every year, brings together the highest caliber employees who are deemed to offer high potential, and who have demonstrated a high performance, with the bank's senior management. In the meeting held on Talent Day, the Bank's vision and common targets were discussed with them with these employees and new ideas were created and group work was carried out within the framework of the theme, "New Generation Banking in the Digital World". The meeting was attended by TEB's senior management. Following speeches by senior managers concerning the Bank's vision and targets, some of our highest caliber employees provided presentations to the senior management with respect to their projects on various issues related to the banking sector.

Continued assistance for talented individuals wanting to work abroad, in line with their career targets
In 2012, TEB continued to offer its employees international career opportunities as a member of the "Mobility Community", a platform established between France, Belgium, Italy, Luxemburg and the UK which further allows for changes of position within the BNP Paribas Group and where rules and policies concerning new assignments to be made within the Group are determined.

Projects Undertaken by the Human Resources Group in 2012

The Best Workplace Model is shaped around 3 important concepts:

Winning the admiration of the Gartner Group in 2009 thanks to its efforts in innovation, TEB continued to foster a culture of innovation in 2012 by encouraging its employees and customers to create innovative and creative ideas through internal initiatives, and offering innovative and creative products to its customers.

The 6th TEB Smart Ideas Competition, a reflection of TEB's efforts in innovation, was held in 2012. Bringing convenience to its customers with innovative and creative services, TEB deems innovation as one of the most important instruments in its strategy of making a difference. The competition also includes social targets such as

TEB collected a total of nearly 18,000 ideas over a 5 year period as part of the Smart Ideas Competition. A total of 7,050 innovative ideas were submitted by young university graduates and TEB customers in 2012, while 13 projects were implemented. Efforts on 17 projects are still under way.

TEB once again turned ideas submitted by customers, university students, new graduates and young professionals into products and services offered to customers. One of the innovations to be implemented was the ATM in the form of an Apricot in Malatya (the apricot being a celebrated fruit in Malatya). In addition, the following projects were put in practice: drawing money from TEB's ATMs by using the QR code; and a service where TEB customers can monitor the results of their credit card applications through TEB's website. The 5 finalists of our Smart Ideas Competitions joined the TEB family.

TEB continues to evaluate its employees' ideas for innovative products and services through the In-House Kıvılcım Portal
Held in 2010 for the first time, in-house innovation contests which aim to raise employees' awareness and loyalty to the Bank encouraged them to generate ideas with employees from other departments, creating an enjoyable competitive environment where innovative projects competed with each other.

Two projects to rank highly in the "Rıfat Taranto Banking Contest" - the third in-house innovation contest, held in memory of Mr. Rıfat Taranto, a board member - were implemented:

TEB Smart Ideas Conferences
"TEB Smart Ideas Conferences" are organized every year with the participation of TEB employees and customers and university students.

In 2012, this traditional event was held under the theme of "New Generation Banking in the Digital World". International lecturers, which included sector leaders, discussed developments in the digital world with the participants; awards were handed out to the employees deemed to have submitted the most creative ideas to the Kıvılcım Portal, as well as customers, university students and new graduates who had ranked highly in the "Smart Ideas Competition".

Customer Experience at TEB: 111 projects
In May 2011, TEB launched its project entitled
"Excellence in Customer Experience", which aims to bring high-standard services to perfection. The project primarily aims to maximize customer satisfaction and bring it to perfection through services and experiences offered and to ensure that TEB is the most prominent bank in the sector in this area.

Aware that success in Customer Experience Management comes only with the participation of all TEB employees, the Bank provided training on Excellence in Customer Experience to all managers and employees. A current situation analysis was carried out into the customer experience following the activities, which were performed to raise awareness of all employees – from security personnel to the senior management – on "Customer Experience". A number of projects deemed to have a bearing on the customer experience were identified and implemented after performing various studies to ensure that all functioning parts of the Bank act synchronously and with a customer-oriented approach. A total of 111 projects were implemented in 2012.

An e-learning program entitled "Müşteri Sen Bizim Her Şeyimizsin" (Customers Are Everything For Us), which aims to raise levels of competence among TEB employees concerning Customer Experience, was implemented. Branch Officials completed classroom training programs entitled "Mükemmel Hizmet, Etkin Satış" (Perfect Services, Effective Sales), which were prepared for the same purpose.

University Activities – Smart Ideas Campus
In 2012, the TEB Human Resources Group continued to organize university campus activities aimed at identifying young, talented individuals and to introduce them to TEB.

A total of 85 students participated in the Smart Ideas Campus in 2012.

Training at TEB
Aware that the most vital difference-making element in the financial services sector today is "qualified and well-trained human resources", the Division of Training and Personal Development in the TEB Human Resources Group aims to support the personal and professional development of TEB Group employees and thus play a fundamental role in ensuring the Bank reach its strategic targets.

As an institution that attaches importance to continuous learning and development and prioritizes investment in its employees, TEB continued to provide comprehensive training during 2012, in parallel with its principle of offering everyone equal opportunities and facilities. The Bank's training programs were conducted in mutual cooperation with BNP Paribas.

In 2012, the following activities were carried out within the framework of TEB's training and development strategies and targets:

In addition to the classroom training programs, educational videos that support these training programs are made available to all employees through TEB's virtual learning platform. The Bank's current e-learning catalogue has been enriched with different types of virtual training, especially product training.

TEB Learning Tour
The TEB Learning Tour was organized for globally talented employees in TEB, BNL (Italy), BNP Paribas Fortis (Belgium) and BDDF (France) during 2012 in a bid to improve their personal and professional competencies, to help them get to know the BNPP Group more closely, to ensure they saw the best practice examples at TEB, and to help them develop their relations with each other.

Within the scope of the Learning Tour, that lasted for 5 weeks:

Mentorship Activities at TEB
The TEB Mentor program contributes to the self-development of TEB employees and employees of other Group companies by ensuring that they benefit from the professional knowledge and experience of mentors, who are more advanced in their careers at TEB and other Group companies.

Within the framework of the TEB Mentor program, 400 mentors provided support to 434 TEB employees in 2012.

Employees who had requested to benefit from the TEB Mentor program, but whose needs were deemed to be met through channels other than mentorship, were offered support through alternative methods (such as training, rotation, career interviews).

Employee Handbook
The employee handbook was prepared as a guiding document to share TEB's vision, strategy and corporate values with TEB employees and to provide them with detailed information on HR practices.

Leaders Are Teaching
We conducted various events in which senior managers shared their experiences in their business and private lives with Bank employees in a relaxed, fun-packed environment.

TEB Meets Its Employees
TEB organized various events to allow employees come together and enjoy themselves while discussing common issues related to the purpose of the event. Some of these events were "The Best Workplace Party", "1 Day in the Office with Young Bankers" and "New Year's eve Party".

TEB Bulletin
Published regularly every two months, the TEB Bulletin delivers all news related to TEB and current issues to TEB employees, allowing them to see the big picture and instill a feeling that they are members of a big family.

Before the End of the Week
This weekly bulletin, which is specially prepared for mid- and high-level managers, shares issues related to employee loyalty that are deemed worthy of Bank managers' attention, as well as the best banking practices.

TEB Club
TEB Club continued to offer opportunities for sport, hobbies, art and entertainment as well as attractive discounts to employees. Some of the events held by TEB in 2012 were as follows:

Breakfast Conversations with the Senior Management
Breakfasts were organized to ensure that employees became acquainted with and established closer contact with the senior management.

BNP Paribas Communication Tools
BNPP's internal magazine, Ambition, and the internet TV channel, Starlight, which reach about 200,000 BNPP employees in 80 countries, continued to serve TEB employees in Turkish in 2012. The IRB Bulletin, which is prepared for all employees in the banking sector and which includes news from IRB, was also offered to TEB employees in English for the first time in 2012.

Avita Employee Support Program
A program was set up where employees can receive medical and psychological support and financial and legal consultancy on a 24/7 basis.

"HR is with you" Meetings
The "HR is with you" program, which was implemented with the conviction that the way to support employee satisfaction and loyalty is to be closer to employees and to listen to their concerns, once again brought branch and head office employees together in 2012.

In "HR is with you" meetings held for the employees of the Bank and other Group companies, one-to-one interviews were held with all employees who wished to take part, in addition to interactively organized general informing sessions.

HR Solution Center
As a communication platform, the Human Resources Solution Center was established as the first reference point for questions and requests submitted by internal and external customers with respect to TEB's HR practices. Aiming to answer customers' questions and requests rapidly and seamlessly and thus increase their satisfaction, the Center continued its activities in 2012.