2012 Annual Report
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Seeing corporate social responsibility as a style of conducting business, TEB acts in line with its mission to become a bank that considers its stakeholders' priorities and basic values as its corporate priorities, while at the same time protecting the heritage of the community it serves.

While investing in future generations, TEB also supports those practices that contribute to the creation of a sustainable economy, environment and community.

While keeping a close watch on those of its business processes and operations which have an effect on the community, the environment and the economy, TEB also encourages its employees to contribute on a voluntary basis, to ensure they become a part of the solution in social issues.

SME Banking, SME Academy, SME TV
TEB considers SME's as its primary stakeholders, as they are one of the building blocks of economic development. TEB SME Banking undertakes efforts to ensure that SME's can enhance themselves in non-financial areas and to help them establish a more sustainable presence in the future. All of these efforts for SME's have been undertaken through the SME Academy. The platform, which operates on the basis of the Bank's Stakeholder Participation strategy, is a core principle of TEB's corporate responsibility policy, and offers all current information that may be required by SMEs.

TEB SME Corporate Conferences on Social Responsibility
Responding to the problems that SME's commonly face in Supplier Chain Management, Branding and Differentiating, TEB held sector-specific Corporate Social Responsibility Conferences in Bursa and Kahramanmaraş in 2012. In these conferences, which were supported by presentations given by Corporate Social Responsibility specialists and sector representatives, discussions centered on how the "corporate social responsibility" concept could solve the basic problems faced by SMEs and how to raise SMEs' awareness of this issue.

TEB Supplier Conference
TEB organized a conference on Energy Efficiency in a bid to raise its suppliers' awareness of corporate responsibility and to ensure the proper use of energy. Corporate responsibility specialists provided informative presentations concerning the sustainable and efficient use of energy to TEB as well as corporate suppliers having business relations with TEB.

TEB Family Academy
Launched in 2012 by TEB's Retail Banking Unit, the TEB Family Academy offers an important platform for dialogue, where TEB comes together and establishes direct, one-to-one relations with its customers, who form the Bank's key stakeholder group. TEB is aware that the most important ingredient in its expanding sphere of influence is its effort to enable people in developing countries access financial services and to raise their financial awareness. It is critical to ensure the proper management of the economies of families, which are the most fundamental unit of the community and which play a key role in raising Turkey's standard of living. For this reason, TEB has adopted the mission of spreading financial literacy nationwide through its branches.

Within the framework of this platform, with its long term aim of raising social awareness of banking transactions and to instill an awareness of saving, seminars are held at TEB branches with the purpose of guiding families on budget management, and of the financial instruments they can use for their savings.

TEB Anatolian Scholarship Program
As a staunch defender of the principle, "Education is a right for everyone", each year TEB extends scholarships to 4 students within the framework of Koç University's Anatolian Scholarship Program. Through the program, which reaches students in need throughout Turkey, the highest caliber students can benefit from the privileges offered by Koç University, one of Turkey's leading universities renowned for its contributions to science with Turkey's brightest young people. Within the scope of this cooperation which began in the 2011-2012 academic year, all of the tuition fees for 4 students will be met by TEB over a period of 5 years.

Youth Train
Aiming to invest in the future and young people, TEB supported the "Youth Train Project", which is implemented in cooperation between the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications. Offering young people the opportunity to learn more about Turkey, the project was conducted on 7 lines between June 29th and July 19th. Having carried nearly 2,000 young people aged between 19 and 29 around Turkey, the train offered the participants the opportunity to meet their peers in different regions, as well as offering them a chance to view Turkey's historical and natural beauties.

TEB became a brand sponsor of BNP Paribas WTA Championships
TEB aims to turn tennis – one of the world's five most popular sports and one which brings together nearly 100 million active players in 200 countries in 6 continents – into more than a game that is watched on television in Turkey. In line with this target, TEB became a brand sponsor of the BNP Paribas WTA Championships. TEB believes that by organizing the world's most prestigious women's tennis tournament in Turkey over a period of 3 years will contribute significantly to the promotion of Turkey and to the national economy.

Continuing to invest in sport
One of TEB's most important targets is to set up new alternative sports fields for young people. In line with this target, TEB became the primary sponsor of the Turkish Tennis Federation. TEB also offered infrastructure support to Turkish tennis players under the age of 18, aiming to raise star tennis players from our country.

With its "Street Tennis" activity, TEB aims to bring tennis to the street, to instill a love of tennis among Turkish people and to encourage the raising of licensed tennis players. TEB will continue to invest in sport in the future.