UniversiTEB Bonus Card

Universitians’ mind should be comfortable!

UniversiTEB Bonus Card

    UniversiTEB Bonus Card

    UniversiTEB Bonus Cards; the most convenient installment schemes, free shopping with your Bonus points...

    Enjoy the most convenient installment schemes at Bonus member businesses with your UniversiTEB Bonus Card. Earn Bonus points through your shoppings worldwide. Earn extra bonus points through special deals designed exclusively for you. Shop for free at Bonus member businesses with your Bonus points.

    Keep track with the campaigns and special deals, grab the extrta Bonus points, enjoy free shopping as much as you can.

    Load prepaid credits to your cell-phone, talk for free...

    • UniversiTEB Bonus Card allows you to load prepaid credits or buy prepaid minutes with you Bonus points.

    Enjoy your conveniences…

    Call 0850 200 0 666 and

    • Send gifts, flowers, concert tickets or flight tickets to any address without any consignment fee.
    • Call locksmith, tow-truck or glazier in case of emergency.
    • Buy flight tickets, book hotels or rent a car through TEB’s Travel Line with your Bonus points. Defer your payments for up to 6 months through installment schemes should your Bonus points remain short.

    Just click here to apply for a UniversiTEB Bonus Card!

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