SME Insurance Package

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    SME Insurance Package

    SME Insurance Package covers your workplace against fire, theft, flood and torrent, Machinery breakdown, accident and many more risks which may occur in your workplace just with a single policy.

    We provide the following coverage in SME Insurance Package:

    • It provides coverage for your workplace and the fixtures, merchandise, machinery and electronic equipments within against earthquake, fire, theft, flood and torrent and machinery breakages risks.
    • With Legal Protection Clause; it provides coverage also for the legal disputes.
    • With Breach of Confidence Clause; it provides coverage for your company against the abuse of the employees in the workplace.
    • With Business Interruption Clause; it provides coverage against damage occurred due to the business interruption as a result of loss caused by fire in the workplace.
    • With Individual Accident Clause; it provides coverage against damage occurred as a result of the accidents that may happen to the SME owner and its employees.
    • It provides an opportunity to benefit from Zurich Insurance Corporate Support Services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

    The advantages you will have with SME Insurance Package;

    • 2 different payment alternatives.
    • Discounts according to payment options.
    • Glass Breakage, Safe-Box, Electronic Equipment, Machinery Breakdown, Breach of Confidence and Cash Transfer coverages of which the customer is able to determine their limits.
    • With business interruption and disability as a result permanent impairment clauses, an opportunity to cover the risks for the periods when the company is unable to operate.
    • Prices that vary according to category of operation.
    • An opportunity to provide coverage for the belongings of third parties who might be present in the workplace.
    • Employees working in the workplace are also under the coverage within the scope of Individual Accident Insurance.
    • Special Assistance Service for Corporate Companies.
    • New valuation clause.
    • Breach of Confidence Clause to provide coverage against damages to be caused to the business by the employees.
    • With legal protection clause; protection against the legal disputes arising due to employer-employee and personal business relations.
    • Protection against inflation.

    * SME Insurance Package is offered by Zurich Insurance Company. Please contact with the TEB Branch nearest to you to purchase this insurance

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