TEB & TOBB-ETU Collaboration

TEB & TOBB-ETU Collaboration | SME

    TEB & TOBB-ETU Collaboration

    We initiated the first application in the sector to support qualified human resource employment as being one of the most important needs of SMEs!

     With the protocol we have signed as SME Banking, we start mediating the “Cooperative Education Program” project of TOBB University of Economics and Technology.

     In the “Cooperative Education Program”, students, while continuing their undergraduate educations, gain experience in a real business environment for a period of 4 months in each academic year by working either in an industry or a trade organization related to their undergraduate subject they continue and thereby find an opportunity to practice what they have learned. By this way, students can develop themselves by experiencing the theoretical and practical knowledge they had in the university also in the real business world.

    Through this project, in cases when a long-term workforce requirement arises, our customer will be able to employ human resources that they have already tested their working process and who know the characteristics of the job; and in the short-term, they will find an opportunity to benefit from a qualified workforce during the term of the cooperative education program.

    Service Details:

    • Our customers in the SME segment can benefit from this service.
    • The cities where students can be placed within the scope of cooperative education program are limited with the student demands; and student placement can only be affected in the event both the company’s and the student’s demands match with each other.  
    • Student will be paid at least at the minimum wage level during their employment period and their insurance and premiums will be paid by TOBB University of Economics and Technology.

    You can contact with our nearest branch to benefit from the student support within the scope of Cooperative Education Program. Please click here to find the TEB branch nearest to you. 

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