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    TEB SME Support Line

    As soon as you begin working with TEB, SME Support Line also starts working for you.  TEB SME Support Line has been developed to enable us to deliver the information to SMEs in an easy manner and at the requested time and provide free service to SMEs 24-hours a day 7-days a week through 444 0 667. This line facilitates SMEs’ access to information and provides support to SMEs for developing their businesses.

    The services rendered through 444 0 667 TEB SME Support Line are as follows;

    Information Services

    Do not waste time trying to reach the technical information needed by your company; let us deliver you the information.

    Public Accountancy Information Line

    TEB SME Support Line is rendered through contracted public accounting and advisory firms. Information services related to financial issues carried out in the workplace are provided. You can receive free answers to your questions on issues such as information on tax legislation, issuance of tax declarations, general ledger book-keeping, procedures applied when establishing a company, transfer operations, filing/writing a petition to tax offices, etc.

    EU Funds Information Line

    You can easily receive all kind of information you would like to know related to EU Funds free of charge through this line. You can get advice from subject matter experts on issues such as the configuration of EU Funds, projects and project-writing techniques.

    Customs Legislation Information Line  

    Information is provided again free of charge on issues about import, export, transit and transhipment customs procedures, warehouse services, bonded and non-bonded warehousing, free-zone procedures, inward and outward processing permits and information support is available about the prevailing legislation, laws and related regulations.

    Foreign Trade Legislation Information Line  

    The service is rendered free of charge in order to enable SMEs overcome the problems they face in the banking practices related to import and export legislation.

    Gold Banking Information Line

    Gold Banking Information Line is a unique service to our customers operating in the jewellery industry. It provides information about the procedures need to be performed by the companies wishing to use a gold loan, open a gold deposit-account. Information concerning documentation needed for loan application, how will the repayments be made, collateral types, to whom the gold deposit-account is opened, documents required for opening a gold account, terms and interest rates, etc. can also be obtained free of charge. 

    Agricultural Banking Information Line

    It is a special line for our farmers and provides free information on Agricultural Banking services rendered by TEB. Information about our various products ranging from Harmancard, agricultural installment loans, dairy farming loans, beekeeping loans to vegetable crops insurance, poultry insurance can be obtained through this line.   

    Leasing Information Line

    It provides service on all subjects SMEs need information related to leasing. The service for the information you wish to know about leasing is rendered on weekdays during business hours (09:00 – 18:00).

    Factoring Information Line

    It provides service on all subjects SMEs need information related to factoring. The service for the information you wish to know about factoring is rendered on weekdays during business hours (09:00 – 18:00).

    Insurance Information Line

    This is the information line through which SMEs can share all type of their demands concerning the problems they may face related to issues such as sector risk assessments, determination of insurance needs and their existing insurances and can also receive answers to their questions. Industry-specific insurance solutions are provided through this service.  In addition to the information support being supplied in relation to the appropriate insurance products and coverages by identifying the existing risks of SMEs; insurance proposals are also prepared and submitted within this service scope.   

    Quality Certificates Information Line

    This is the information line through which SMEs can find an answer to all their questions related to quality,quality certificates and certification processes. 

    Corporate Social Responsibility Information Line

    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can be defined as the treatment of a company's internal and external stakeholders in an “ethically” and in a “responsible” manner, and making and implementing decisions in this direction. This line provides free information about issues such as who could be these stakeholders, what are the universal values for acting in an “ethical” and “responsible” manner, global importance of CSR, to what extend companies’ CSR approaches are effective in the world trade, what can companies do to develop themselves in the field of CSR. 

    Employer Information Line

    This service provides information to the company owners about all type of issues they want to learn with respect to their workplaces and/or employees. Information on employee rights under the new labour act, procedures required for employing and making layoffs, things that need to be done to increase employee motivation, training and seminars information, how a job-advertisement should be published when hiring new employees, making a curriculum-vitae (CV)-based pre-evaluation as to the qualifications sought in the employee selection, wage and salary information according to the position and the industries under the existing market conditions, procedures for preparation of payroll, framework for the calculation of notice and severance payments, under what circumstances a warning letter should be issued, employee vacation rights and days, and information related to social security premiums shall be delivered by the subject-matter experts (experienced human resources experts, personnel and administrative affairs responsibles).

    Training Advisory Information Line

    It is a service rendered in connection with the issues like the content, place, fee, etc. of domestic and foreign seminars and training programs demanded in accordance with the business objectives related to the activity fields of SMEs. The training demands of the person with respect to his/her professional training life are evaluated and a national and international training advisory service that most suitable to his/her desires is provided. Within the scope of this service, information is given about the organizations that provide computer training programs (AutoCAD, Microshop, programing, Excel and Access), validity periods of the certificates, scope of the programs, their fees, things to be considered when selecting a language school, the most popular language schools, whether the language school to be selected is suitable for the person’s character, hobbies, areas of interest, financial capability.

    Congress and Exhibitions Information Line

    It is the line that provides information about the dates of sectoral congress, exhibition and organizations both in national and international level in relation to SMEs’ areas of activity.

    Support Services

    You just take care of your business, we handle the rest!

    Travel and Event Organizations 

    It is a travel service offered by SME Support Line that plans and organizes the employer’s trip in all its aspects. SME Support Line prepares a complete trip program depending on the employer’s preferences and makes the flight, train and bus and car-rental reservations. Furthermore, it provides suggestions for other alternatives during the study conducted for the trip. This service is offered worldwide.

    Meeting and Conference Organizing Service  

    All types of organizations in connection with the meetings or conferences that the employer will attend during his/her trip are arranged.

    Translation Coordination Service

    Translation of the documents belonging to the employer is coordinated. Translation coordination service is offered in English, French, Spanish and Italian languages. It can be also provided in other languages upon request. The translation costs shall be borne by the employer.

    Courier and Cargo services

    It is a service which gets all types of organisation related to courier and cargo services done. The courier and cargo costs shall be borne by the employer.

    Visa and Consolar Information Services

    It is a service which provides information about consular transactions, things that need to be done in visa applications and the required documents. 

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