Operational Supports



    In TEB, foreign trade transactions are carried out;

    • Quickly
    • Correctly
    • and in compliance with legislation, international and general banking rules.

    Besides routine transactions carried out with such principles, our Operations Department provides various services aiming to be closer to our customers, especially to the exporters, and to support them in their transactions.

    You don’t call us, we call you instead.

    You will be contacted by our experts as soon as we receive your export letter of credit.

    You will be notified about the details of the LC and will also receive an e-mail in this regard.

    In case you may have any further questions, you can reach us through our support line.

    You can reach us by dialling 444 0 832, and then 3 and 2.

    Documents Preperation Service for LC’s.

    Our Foreign Trade Operations Department gives such a unique service where the bank is preparing a copy of complying documents as per LC terms. 

    Letter of credit is a reliable payment way only if exporter does not fail to submit a complying presentation under the LC terms, UCP rules and all other applicable legislations.

    Documents are prepared by our CDCS certified experts ( Certified Documentary Credit Specialist) to mitigate the risks of non-complied presentation.

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