Number Plate and License Loans

Number Plate and License Loans | SME

    Plate and License Loans from TEB exclusively for you

    We provide financing either for your new commercial taxi plate and license purchases or for all your cash needs against the pledge of your existing plates and licenses as collateral.

    Exclusive for our taxi operator customers, we finance all their cash financing needs including the plate purchases for an amount up to 50% of the plate value with 60 months tenor and very special rates. Our loans against the pledge of taxi-plate are available for Istanbul, Ankara and İzmir cities and, although may change on a regional basis, the upper limit is 200.000 TL

    With the exception of taxi plate; we separately and privately evaluate the applications which you will make for your cash needs against the pledge of your commercial licenses with a certain plate serial or letter (for instance: plate letters such as S, M, D, etc.) that have been determined and fixed by Provincial Traffic Commission.

    We wait you to TEB Branches for your credit applications.

    *The Bank shall evaluate the loan applications within the scope of banking law and according to the principles and procedures stipulated in its own legislation and reserves the right to make a loan available to the application owners that it deems approporiate as a result of the evaluation thereof. The bank is the only decision maker in this respect. You can get the most up-to-date information on all tenor, amount and interest rates from our branches. 
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