KOBİ Lingo

KOBİ Lingo

    SME Lingo

    SME Lingo is a platform that has been developed for people and companies who need help communicating in a foreign language; in order to;

    • Provide a solution to the foreign language barrier,
    • Make it easier for them to communicate with the world / pave the way for,
    • Enable them to move into new markets,
    • Allow them to save time and resources / helping cut communication/human resources costs,
    • Add value to people by reducing the disadvantages that exist due to a lack of foreign language and make their lives easier.

    SME Lingo allows the companies/people to establish online, easy and instant communication with their foreign correspondents without any knowledge of foreign language.

    KOBİLİNGO, which allows SMEs to move into new markets, communicate with new customers without experiencing a foreign language problem, ensures that texts written by the user in their chosen language are submitted to the counterparty in any desired language and that the counterparty’s message is received in any language chosen by the user. Any client seeking to establish communication invites their correspondent to join SME Lingo in a standard invitation letter, which may be written in any of 6 languages, while members may, when online, write to each other in any of 60 languages.

    Anyone who is a member of TEB SME TV may make use of SME Lingo free of charge.

    Please click here to get in touch with SME Lingo immediately.

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