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    AFD CSR Credit

    French Development Agency (AFD), one of the most important SME Finance organizations in the world, has honoured the works we have conducted for SMEs as a success story and provided EURO 40 million long-term credit facility to our Bank. By this project, whereby our Social Responsibility awareness has been rewarded, SMEs can be financed with terms up to 5 years and favourable rates.

    Whilst a cost-efficient, long-term credit facility with a grace period is offered to our SMEs wishing to distinguish themselves in global competition, they are also provided with a free CSR check-up service where they can evaluate what they have achieved on the issue of “Social Responsibility” either consciously or unconsciously and what they can do more. A one-day study is carried out as a questionnaire by our contracted research company and by this means, our SMEs find an oppurtunity to make a detailed analysis on issues such as facilities they provide for their employees, impact of their activities on the environment, etc.; and by the Survey Report that is prepared and submitted to the company officers afterwards, they can see on what issues they can further develop themselves.

    By the “Socail Responsibility Training” progam which we make available in the game format in the electronic environment through TEB SME TV not only to our loan utilizing customers but to everyone who wishes to raise awareness of the issue of Social Responsibility; we enable the companies and their employees to raise CSR awareness, integrate this subject to their business management and business flows, and maintain their activities with this awareness.

    AFD Energy Credit

    A financing facility worth EURO 50,000,000 has been provided to our Bank by the French Development Agency (AFD), which will be utilized to draw people’s attention to energy efficiency, renewable energy and carbon emissions and to encourage companies to invest in these fields. AFD Energy Credit can be utilized by SMEs and the companies in the Corporate segment and by the municipalities and municipal affiliates. The credit is extended for financing the energy efficiency and renewable energy projects as an “Investment Loan” either as a fixed/equal or spot with terms up to 7 years with up to 1 year grace period.

    In order to get benefited from these supports, the projects our SMEs make investment should fulfill the qualifying criteria that; all type of machinery and equipment renewal investments must provide at least 15% energy savings under the heading of energy efficiency and renewable energy; and they must be solar, geothermal, biogas / biomass projects and wind energy projects lower than 500kW installed capacity under the heading of renewable energy. With the AFD Energy Credit, TEB aims to achieve 60.000 tons carbon emission reduction every year and 199GWh/year savings in electricity consumption.

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