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    Up to 10.35% interest rates to your Time Deposits from TEB Internet Branch!

    2013-12-26 00:00:00

    TEB Internet Branch offering advantageous interest rates of up to 10.35% to your time deposits makes you win on all maturities! Visit TEB Internet Branch now and invest your deposit with higher interest rates. You can open your e-deposit account by clicking on “Time Deposit” option in New Account Opening step under Accounts menu in TEB Internet Branch and immediately start benefiting from its advantageous interest rates.

    • The quoted interest rates are the interest rates that are valid on account opening date. Additional interest is applied on TEB board interest rates
    • Your time deposit account opened in TEB Internet Branch is renewed for all maturities with the interest rates special for the Internet Branch. Deposit renewal rates may vary depending on account opening interest rates. 
    • The interest rates special for Internet Branch are applicable up to TL 500.000 deposits.
    • The minimum account opening limits are TL 500, USD 500 and Euro 500.
    • The quoted interest rates are gross.
    • The interest rates special for Internet Branch are available for all terms including broken maturity dates from 28 days to 380 days.

    Please click here for e-deposit interest rates.

    Please click here to calculate deposit income.