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    Announcement of Change in Ingenious Account

    2013-12-26 00:00:00

    Ingenious Account product was offering you a “Loyalty Bonus Interest” provided that your average account balance stays at the amount of TL 25.000, USD/EURO/GBP 5.000 over the period of six months. Loyalty Bonus Interest was 0,10% for TL and 0,05% for USD/EURO/GBP for each 180-day period. The given total interest thereof was divided by 5 and reflected to your account on 181st, 182nd, 183rd, 184th and 185th day respectively. Loyalty Bonus Interest was applied to maximum TL 50.000, USD 20.000 and EURO/GBP 15.000.

    Effective from 20/05/2013, the loyalty bonus interest application will be suspended. The Ingenious Accounts opened before the date of 20/05/2013 with undue six month time period will be given a loyalty bonus interest for once. The loyalty bonus interest shall not be applicable for the new ingenious accounts to be opened after the date of 20/05/2013. For detailed information about the changes in ingenious account please click here.

    The advantageous Welcome Interest will be continued to be offered for the first 30 days to the customers who are opening an Ingenious Account first time. Customers shall be able to benefit from the Welcome Interest for each account to be opened in different currencies. The Welcome Interest will be continued to be applied to the accounts with minimum TL/USD/EUR/GBP 1.000 and maximum TL 50.000, USD 20.000 and EUR/GBP 15.000 balances. (Customers who have already benefited from the Welcome Interest for the period of first 30 days cannot benefit from the Welcome Interest again).

    Effective from 25/02/2012, the interest rate to be applied after the end of the accrual term of the welcome interest in the campaign period will be updated by the interest rate specified by the Bank depending on the customer’s average balance in the previous month. Post welcome campaign interest shall be applicable so long as the account maintains a balance of maximum TL 50.000, USD 20.000, EURO 15.000 and GBP 15.000. For the days where the account balance goes over the specified amounts and does not exceed TL/USD/EUR/GBP 500.000, the board (standard) interest rates will be applied. Even the customer becomes entitled to post welcome campaign interest rate for his/her average balance in the previous month, if his/her account balance within the following month falls below TL/USD/EUR/GBP 1.000 or goes above TL/USD/EUR/GBP 500.000, then no interest shall be accrued to the account by the Bank including also the board (standard) interest rates. Post welcome campaign interest rates to be paid in the following month against the customer’s average balance in the previous month are defined by the Bank in the Ingenious Account. Post welcome campaign additional interest rate corresponding to the average balance of the customer in the previous month shall be added to the board (standard) interest rate and reflected to the account accordingly. Detailed information about the interest rates shall be announced in the page /bireysel/marifetli-hesap-faiz-oranlari.aspx