Student Insurance

Student Insurance

    Student Insurance Package is an insurance which protects students against accidents through its indiviual accident clauses and also covers the financial consequences of the physical injury and material damages which they may cause to third parties.

    Student Insurance Package provides you the following advantages:

    It provides full-protection through the coverages designed specially for the students:

    • Personal accident - Permanent disablement,
    • Personal accident – Medical Treatment expenses,
    • Liability,
    • Personal belongings,
    • Food spoilage,
    • Dental expenses resulting from accident,
    • Eyeglass / contact lens breakage resulting from accident,
    • Optional ambulance services,
    • Possibility to insure all students with a single policy,
    • Limit alternatives,
    • Discounts applied depending on the number of people,
    • Discounts alternatives according to the payment options.

    *TEB is an authorised agent of Zurich Insurance Company and Student Insurance Package is offered through Zurich Insurance Company.

    Student Insurance Package provides coverage for the following risks;

    • Individual accident coverage: It provides coverage for students against accidents and covers permanent disability or  medical treatment costs.
    • Third-Party financial liability coverage: It provides coverage against the physical injury and material damages which the students may cause to third parties.
    • Personal belongings/theft coverage: The theft of the personal belongings clause compensates the financial damages resulting from the robbery or purse-snatching of the identity cards, keys and school equipments of the student.
    • Food spoilage coverage: It covers the medical treatment expenses in case the student gets food poisoning within the boundaries of the school.
    • Dental expenses coverage (resulting from accident): It covers the treatment expenses (prosthetics costs are not included) to be incurred due to the injuries occurred on student's teeth and gums  as a result of an accident within the boundaries of the school. 
    • Eyeglass / contact lens breakage coverage (resulting from accident): It provides coverage against the possibility that the eyeglass, glass frames and contact lenses get damaged in such a way as to become useless.
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