My Great Home Insurance

My Great Home Insurance is a comprehensive home insurance which protects your home, building and contents against the potential risks regardless of whether you are a homeowner or a renter.

My Great Home Insurance

    The advantages offered by My Great Home Insurance:

    • Optional inflation index rate; this can be changed if desired.
    • Glass breakage, Safe-Box, Electronic equipment clauses of which you can determine the coverage amounts.
    • Family Members Liability and Family Individual Accident Clauses are available in Home Insurance Package.
    • Building Foundations can also be insured.
    • Protection for all family members against purse-snatching.
    • Damages which may occur as a resulf of a breach of confidence of Inhouse-Staff are included in the scope.
    • Discount according to the payment method.
    • Home Assistance Service.
    • New valuation clause.
    • Legal Protection

    * TEB is an authorised agent of Zurich Insurance Company and My Great Home Insuance is offered through Zurich Insurance Company.

    My Great Home Insurance covers you and your home under the following circumstances:

    • Fire, lightning, explosion, smoke,
    • Built-in water, strike, lockout, riot, civil commotion, terrorism,
    • Storm, landslide, vehicle collision, snow weight,
    • Debris removal, loss of rent, alternative dwelling costs,
    • Cost of moving belongings and storage,
    • Food Spoilage,
    • Accidential breakages, decoration expenses, isolation damages,
    • Fire financial liability,
    • Flood and torrent,
    • Theft,
    • Family members liability,
    • Family members individual accident,
    • Belongings damanged in the place they left for clearing, maintenance or repair,
    • Legal protection
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