My Child’s Education Insurance

My Child’s Education Insurance

    My Child’s Education Insurance is the insurance which guarantees the payment of the educational expenses of your children during his/her education period in the event that the parent of the child loss his/her life or become  permanently disabled as a consequence of a traffic accident.

    Your child’s education is important than anything else. Even if something happens to you, your child should be able to continue his/her education.  In daily life, you are always facing with many risks. Be prepared for accidents.

    When you get My Child’s Education Insurance;

    • Your child will be able to continue his/her education.
    • Your child will have a monthly regular income.
    • Your remaining debts will be repaid or in case you lose your job or become bankrupt due to an accident, a compensation payment to be made by Zurich Insurance.

    All these are sufficient reasons for you to get this insurance product.

    *TEB is an authorised agent of Zurich Insurance Company and My Child’s Education Insurance is offered through Zurich Insurance Company.

    My Child’s Education Insurance provides coverage for you and your family under the following circumstances:

    • In case of death of the parent due to an accident or becomes permanently disabled; it guarantees a monthly compensation payment to the child until he/she becomes 25 years old by means of the monthly income support of the selected limit.
    • It also provides coverage against disemployment or bankruptcy risks occurring from permanent disablement due to an accident.
    • In case of death of the parent  due to an accident or becomes permanently disabled; his/her credit card debts and remaining balance of his/her bank borrowing are also covered by Zurich Insurance.

    In addition; Zurich Insurance Assistance Services also provides 7/24 consultancy service on medical issues; and free ambulance service in case of emergengies.

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