Emergency Health Insurance

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Emergency Health Insurance

    Emergency Health Insurance provides coverage for your expenses required for treatment purposes in cases when you face with a situation requiring immediate medical attention.

    Emergency Surgical Hospitalization Coverage:  In situations which require surgical intervention and/or hospitalization of the insuree due to an emergency; it covers the surgery room, surgeon, anesthetist, assistance, narcosis and medical supply and other expenses incurred with respect to the surgical operation and/or the hospitalization.

    Emergency Internal Hospitalization Coverage: In emergency situations with outpatient treatment and/or which do not require hospitalization of the insuree; it covers the expenses regarding the consultation and physician's fees for surgical and orthopedic interventions, oxygen, anesthesia, plaster cast, stitching, orthopedic aids that deem necessary by the doctors, bandage, dressing and injection expenses, and electrocardiography, x-ray, MR, all diagnostic laboratory tests and patient care expenses.

    Room-Meal Coverage: It covers the daily room-meal and nursing care expenses incurred for each full day the insuree stayed at the hospital due to an emergency situation. This benefit is limited to 30 days.

    Intensive Care Coverage: It covers the daily expenses incurred for intensive care services for each full day the insuree spent in the intensive care unit of the hospital due to an emergency situation. This benefit is limited to 30 days.

    Ambulance Services Coveage: It covers the expenses incurred in cases when the insuree is transported from his current place to the nearest full-fledged hospital by a local licensed land ambulance due to an illness and/or accident covered by the policy; from the hospital to his home (provided that the insuree has been transported to the relevant hospital by Medline), from his home to the hospital; or the organization and transfer expenses incurred when the insuree is transported from his current city and hospital to another city and hospital  by  a land and/or air ambulance when it is deemed necessary and approved by doctor who treats the insuree.

    Check-up Service Coverage: Depending on preference and upon the payment of the relevant premium, the insuree and/or people included within the scope of insurance can take a general and extensive check-up program even though they have no sickness or when they have only minor and insignificant complaints.  The following health services are included in the check-up program and the person’s confidential health information obtained at the end of the process will be shared with the insuree.

    • Chest X-ray
    • ECG
    • Complete Blood Count
    • Sedimentation
    • Total Cholesterol
    • Doctor's Assessment
    • Complete Urine Analysis

    The list of the contracted hospital/health institutions providing this check-up service is appended to the policy. The liability of the insurance company for the check-up services to be received outside of these contracted  hospital/institutions are limited to the limit specified in the policy. Check-up service can be benefited 3-months after the policy starting date. 

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