Collegian Insurance

Collegian Insurance

    Universitians Insurance is an insurance package prepared specially for the needs of the university students. It aims to cover the necessary expenses to be incurred for medical treatment in cases when the insured students face with a situation which requires emergency attention and it also provides coverage for the electronic equipments of the insuree against unexpected accidents.

    Universitians Insurance covers the following risks and damages;

    • Emergency Surgical Hospitalization Coverage,
    • Emergency Internal Hospitalization Coverage,
    • Room/Meal Coverage,
    • Intensive Care Coverage,
    • Electronic Equipment Coverage,
    • Late Registration Coverage.

    In addition to the aforementioned coverages, the insurees can also benefit from the following Zurich Insurance Assistance Services;

         - Home Health Care Services,

         - Ambulance and Transport Services,

         - Travel Assistance,

         - Information Line,

         - Consultancy Services,

         - Administrative Services,

         - Transportation Services,

         - Reservation Services.

    *TEB is an authorised agent of Zurich Insurance Company and Universitians Insurance is offered through Zurich Insurance Company.

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