Aquaculture Insurance

Aquaculture Insurance | Farmer

    Scope of Insurance Cover and the Insured Risks:

    The insurance covers the deaths and material losses in the fishery stock of the aquaculture farms that found eligible for insurance, which may occur due to;

    • All kinds of disease excluding those specified in the general terms and conditions,
    • Pollution and poisonings beyond the control of the farmer,
    • Any kind of natural disasters,
    • Accidents, Predators, Algal blooms.

    Premium Payments:

    In Aquaculture Insurance, 50% of the premium indicated in the insurance policy will be paid by the Government.  25% of the premium calculated over the monthly average stock value to be declared in the farming plan and payable by the insuree will be collected in advance; and the remaining amount will be paid with 5 installments at most. At the expiration date of the insurance policy; the required premium adjustment is made by calculating the premium on the basis of monthly stock value actualized throughout the year.

    Damage Claims:

    Within the scope of Aquaculture Insurance, damage claims are made to TARSIM within 24-hours at the latest. 

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