Agricultural Project Loan

Agricultural Project Loan | Farmer

    Agricultural Project Loan

    Come to TEB and realize your gift-supported project in an easy manner. Use Agricultural Project Loan with suitable interest rate and repayment conditions.

    • Maturity up to 48 months for machines and equipments,
    • Maturity up to 60 months for the investment loans which contain construction,
    • Repayment possibility with equal and flexible 1/3/6/12 monthly installments.

    For the loan application;

    • Agricultural Loan Request Form,
    • Photocopy of the completed Gift Application Form,
    • Completed Work Plan,
    • IPARD Combined Letter of Consent,
    • All appendices of the Gift Application Form and Work Plan,
    • Documents related to other expense-income or assets, if any,
    • Documents related to collaterals (surety documents, title deed, license, etc.),
    • Gift Contract. 
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