Agricultural Bank Overdraft Loan

Agricultural Bank Overdraft Loan | Farmer

    Agricultural DCA Loan

    If the loans utilized and repaid at one time are not suitable for you, then your revolving loan (Debtor’s Current Account) designed according to your production process and cash flow is available with TEB.

    • Maturity up to 12 months,
    • Quarterly interest repayment,
    • Principal repayment at the end of the maturity.

    For the loan application;

    • Farmer Registration System Certificate,
    • Photocopy of the identity card,
    • Certificate of residence,
    • Photocopies of the title deeds,
    • Lease contract if there are any leased lands,
    • Company registry certificate if the company engages in stock breeding activities,
    • Animal passports,
    • Membership details if a member to breeder unions,
    • Greenhouse production certificate if the company engages in greenhouse production
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