2B Land Purchase Loan for Farmers

2B Land Purchase Loan for Farmers

    Best opportunities for 2B Land Credits in TEB!

    In order to acquire the 2B Lands, let TEB provide benefit to you via special credit for 2B lands rights-holder up to 36-months-maturity with an interest rate of 1,30% and makes 60% discount in advance payment.

    We are waiting you to the nearest TEB Branch for the credit application.

    Sample Payment Table

    Credit AmountCredit MaturityInterest RateMonthly Installment PaymentTotal ExpensesCost Rate per monthCost Rate per year
    50.000 TL 36 months 1.30% 1.825,73 TL 1.005 TL 1,68% 20,20%

    Above given table is framed on the basis of 50.000 TL for consumer loan. Total expense amount given in the consumer loan includes the filing fee defined for 50.000 TL and one-year life insurance Premium on credit. Filing fee for the credit will be 500 TL, life insurance on credit varies as per the credit amount. Insurance expense and legal taxes are included in cost rates per month and per year. For further information, you could drop by the TEB Branches or call TEB Mobile Branch at 0850 200 0 666. TEB reserves the right to change the conditions of the above given campaign and cancel the campaign. TEB is entitled to evaluate the credit applications in a free way and has right to reject the applications that have not been deemed appropriate.

    Required Documents for the Application:

    • Identity card
    • Income certificate/Payroll
    • Balance Sheet of 3 years, tax certificate and trade registry gazette for self-employed persons and proprietors
    • Document for which the written notification was made,  showing that the customer is the right-holder and the amount to be paid required for the deed transfer

    * For salaried employees, in the case of payroll submission in letterhead, signature circular declaration of the firm is required.
    ** The Bank has right to demand guarantor and additional documents. For the guarantor, the same documents are required.
    *** In the case of utilization of the credit, our bank will establish a first-degree lien on the related land.
    **** 60% discount is only applicable to lands which are up to 400 square meters. 

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