TEB Human Resources Group plays a key role in TEB realizing its strategic objectives.

Human Resources Policy

The TEB Human Resources Group strives to:

resources when filling position vacancies,

With these practices, TEB Human Resources provides swift and effective support to all employees in all human resources related matters, while playing a key role in further raising the efficiency and performance of the TEB Head Office and the branches.

Career progression
Because particular attention is given to opportunities for TEB employees to advance in their careers, most appointments to management positions take the form of in-house assignments. In 2016, 59 senior managers and 9 directors were promoted while 484 employees who work in lower titles than managers were promoted to higher positions. Additionally 354 employees have been relocated to different positions.

Information about current position vacancies in both the BNP Paribas and the TEB groups is provided through the E-Jobs system, which gives all employees an equal chance to learn about new career opportunities and to apply for vacant positions. At the same time, TEB employees have been able to benefit from international career opportunities. In 2016, Career Committees have been organized with the participation of employee representatives and promotion proposals were openly discussed in these platforms.

Career Festival, which is a first in the Turkish finance sector, was organized at TEB in 2016. This was an event where all the employees were able to get together with TEB management and get a chance to inquire about the positions they are interested and introduce themselves.

At the branch level, promotions at branch operation positions and exams for relocation to sales force continued. Exams and interviews were carried out for relocations in an effort to create a more objective opinion. Human Resources Business Partners team, who are competent at their field, gives consultancy to all the TEB employees for their careers and ensures the best positioning of employees according to their competencies and performances.

At TEB, all the job descriptions and career maps are available on IntraTEB which is open to everyone.

TEB Mentors
The objective of the TEB Mentor Program is to enable TEB employees benefit from the experiences of more senior employees in order to develop their personal competencies and job skills. So far, 890 employees have received mentoring in TEB.

Talent Management and Talent Development Plans
Under the heading of Talent Management processes, in 2016, individuals who have demonstrated high potential and performance were identified and their development was monitored by the Talent Management team working together with the individuals’ superiors.

Through online talent development forms, the strengths and weaknesses of about a thousand TEB employees who have demonstrated high potential and performance are identified and they are advised about how to best pursue their future career paths. Individually-tailored 18-month progress plans formulated to help them advance their careers are further enriched by means of rotation, e-learning, classroom training, interactive workshops and experience-sharing meetings. In 2016, 549 people were interviewed as part of the “Development Plan for Talent”.

In 2016, TEB continued to provide its employees with international career opportunities as a member of the “Mobility Community”, which gives BNP Paribas Group employees a chance to switch jobs within the group’s operations in France, Belgium, Italy, United Kingdom, Turkey and Luxembourg.

The Traditional TEB Talent Day
Talents and Leaders meetings, which gives TEB talents a chance to meet with senior executives in an open and informal environment, continued in 2016.

The traditional TEB Talent Day took place on 16 May 2016 with the participation of TEB employees who have demonstrated high potential and performance. The theme of the meeting was “Banking redesigned with the Codes of the New Generation” and the vision and targets of the Bank was presented during the meeting.

Global Talent Management
Global talents have been re-evaluated within the scope of “Leaders for Tomorrow” program that has been initiated last year by BNP Paribas Group Global Talent Management.

“IRB Learn from Each Other” is a learning by living experience that involves global talents visit various countries BNP Paribas operates in for a week and get a chance to observe different ways of conducting business and different applications in their own areas of expertise. In the organization of this meeting in 2016, Turkey (TEB), Italy (BNL), Poland (BGZ) and Ukraine (USB) formed a group and each country send two of their talents to another country.

TEB Idea Sharing Platform: TEB Fikirbazlar
The Idea Sharing Platform: TEB Fikirbazlar project is designed to build a bridge between young professionals and senior management to ensure that senior management become closely acquainted with generation Y and to maximize mutual idea sharing opportunities. The project was launched in April 2016, in which one Usta Fikirbaz and three Genç Fikirbaz will meet every month during the four month period within the framework of structured interviews. At the end of the 6 month period, projects are presented to the senior management of TEB and the chosen ones are adapted within TEB.

Remuneration and Fringe Benefits
Salaries at TEB are paid monthly in net amount after all legally-mandated deductions have been taken out of base pay. In addition to this monthly salary, all TEB employees may also be paid performance-based success/sales percentages or performance bonuses. The average performance-based payments made by the Bank in 2016 in total corresponded to 2 times the average monthly base pay of the personnel receiving them.

TEB Saklıköy Formation Academy
Located at Saklıköy in the Beykoz district of İstanbul, the TEB Formation Academy is not just a training center but also a place where employees and their families can take advantage of the academy’s sport, art, workshop and restaurant facilities and activities.

TEB Formation Academy also serves as a venue for the important meetings of head office teams, business lines, TEB Group companies and BNP Paribas.



In 2016, Digitization of human resources work has continued. Within this framework;

HR Solution Center
The TEB Human Resources Solution Center was established to respond rapidly and accurately to the questions and requests from internal and external customers in relation to the Bank's Human Resources practices as a first contact point, to increase customer satisfaction and to create a communication platform for these purposes. It continued its activities in this vein in 2016. The Center also organized one on one meetings with employees to answer their questions or solve their problems within the scope of internal customer satisfaction.

Great Place to Work
The TEB Human Resources Group serves as a Change Management leader on strategic projects undertaken at the Bank.

The TEB Great Place to Work (GPTW) Project, whose goal is to create a workplace that people most want to work in and to make TEB the banking industry’s most preferred employer, has racked up many successes since it was launched in 2012.

One of the most important contributors to that success is the fact that TEB’s management engages in sincere and open communication on such issues because making TEB a great place to work is a goal that every TEB executive believes in and identifies with.

TEB has set up The Employee’s Voice Platform. Consisting of 600 representatives from all organizational groups at the Bank, this platform is the first undertaking of its kind in the Turkish banking industry. The Employee’s Voice Platform supports employees’ efforts to involve themselves in decision-making processes on issues that affect them. It does this by enabling employees to convey their feelings and thoughts about TEB’s journey towards becoming the best place to work to the Human Resources Department and to management and to keep everyone informed about actions taken in response to such feedback. As such, “The Employee’s Voice Platform” is pointed to as a successful model in the sector and with that “Great Place to Work Action Plan” has been established and work has commenced to realize these action plans.

The work continues throughout the Bank under the monitoring of HR in 5 categories: Communication, Collaboration & Coordination, Development & Career, Appreciation & Rewarding, Healthy Working Environment and Fun & Team Spirit. Along the target of becoming a “Great Place to Work”, all TEB executives received “Great Place to Work Executives” trainings in order to formulate their action plans within their domains according to their evaluation results. The have already formed their action plans and these action plans are being followed up with evaluation surveys and interviews.

Since 2012, there has been an increase of 18 points in the GPTW Trust Index Survey. The percentage of the employees who agreed with the statement “ I can say that this is a great place to work”, the question that is used as the indicator of the overall perception score, has a climbing trend and increased 26 points since 2012.

In the 2016 Best Employers of Turkey research conducted by Great Place to Work, TEB made it to the list in the category of companies with more than 2,000 employees. TEB is the first and only bank to make the list and also the only institution in the finance sector to receive an award in this category.

Employee Surveys
Every year TEB regularly conducts Global People Survey which all BNP Paribas Group employees are subjected to, Great Place to Work Survey by Great Place to Work company and Internal Customer Survey and the results of these surveys are shared in detail with the TEB employees.

The feedback from these surveys are communicated to the units in the Bank, converted into action plans and executed within project plans.

In addition to the improvements mentioned in the “Great Place to Work” results, there has been an increase of 13 points in the results of the “Global People Survey” since 2012.

Top Employer Turkey and Top Employer Europe Certificate
Top Employers Institute is one of the most prestigious institutes worldwide that rates the HR policies and implementations of companies and has chosen TEB for the work the Bank has done within the scope of “Great Place to Work” journey which started with the “Appreciation of the Employee”, as one of the Top Employers of Europe and Turkey in 2016. As a result, TEB has managed to receive the Top Employer Turkey and Top Employer Europe Certificates for 4 years in a row.

TEB Internal Communication Activities

Employee Value Proposition - EVP
The Employee Value Proposition created in 2015 “My TEB My World” has been owned by all TEB employees and in 2016, internal communication has been carried out with this motto.

“My TEB My World” stands for: “TEB World where all employees with different dreams and different goals come together. My TEB is my family where I feel cared for, share my passions, I overcome all the difficulties with team spirit and entrepreneurship, experience innovation.

Sub brands under the main brand “My TEB My World” are My Innovative World, My Successful World, My Developing World, My Fun World, My Volunteer World and My Healthy World and in 2016, all internal communication has been carried out within this framework. TEB’s all communication with university students and all campus activities are carried out under the motto “My TEB My Future”

TEB Passport
In order to help employees with their orientation at their first day in TEB and ease their adaptation, a guide with all the necessary information, TEB Passport, has been prepared and uploaded to IntraTEB.

TEB Employees Together
In 2016, the following events have been organized;

TEB Bulletins
Internal weekly e-bulletin “TEB’de Ne Var Ne Yok (What’s up with TEB)” which gives information on current issues and news about TEB.

Celebrating the Special Days
As part of the activities that will make the employees feel special and improve corporate loyalty, special days like new year and religious holidays were celebrated, various gifts were presented to employees, letters sent and celebration messages were delivered.

Executives Meeting
Executives Meeting which are regularly held in order to inform the managers about the performance of the Bank and deliver senior management’s messages was organized in 2016 as well.

TEB Sports Academy
Intramural sports meets and other events are organized as ways of protecting employee health, strengthening team spirit and an “Us” awareness, increasing employees’ company loyalty and creating social and communal benefit as an expression of social responsibility. For much the same reason, employees are also encouraged to take part in extramural sports and to represent the company as members of bank-sponsored teams.

The highlights of TEB Sports Academy activities in 2016 are briefly summarized below.

TEB Soccer Team became the champion of the 2016 Intercompany Soccer Tournament and TEB Volleyball Team won the 2016 Corporate Games Volleyball League.

TEB Tennis Team came second in the Istanbul Tennis Champions Cup.

TEB Running Team won a golden medal in the women’s category and came 4th at the men’s category in the 2016 Corporate Games Tournament. TEB Running Team was also chosen as the most gentle team among the 26 corporate participants. Additionally, TEB Running Team came 4th among the 21 teams competing in the men’s category of 2016 Vodafone Istanbul Half Marathon.

TEB Club Activities
TEB Club organizes activities in areas of interest to company employees that are intended to bring them together outside the workplace as well. The most active clubs among TEB Club Activities are the TEB Band, the Turkish Classical Music choir and the Modern Dance Group.

HR Bizbize (Only Us) Meetings
In 2016, the TEB Human Resources Group worked with 5,000 employees on a one-to-one basis in 48 HR Bizbize (Only Us) meetings held with all Headquarter and Regional employees. The Group carried out the following within the scope of these meetings:

Social Responsibility Activities
TEB employees regularly take part in the marathons organized in Turkey and volunteer for sports events organized by Adım Adım (Step by Step) to support foundations and associations like TOFD or Koruncuk by volunteering as runners or philantrophers for runners.

TEB runners run every year The Istanbul Marathon and Runatolia Marathon under the umbrella of the Adım Adım organization and TEB employees support these philanthropic organizations with their donations.

The amount of donations collected by the end of 2016 qualified TEB to be named “the kindest hearted Company in the Finance Sector” and among all the participants “4th most kind hearted company”.

TEB employees also met the needs of 1,500 school children from all around Turkey, within the scope of 23 April National Sovereignty and Children’s Day. When first started back in 2015, 400 children benefited from this social responsibility activity.

In addition, within the scope of the “Dream Up” project carried out by the BNP Paribas Foundation, the TEB Children's Choir project was initiated with children living in the Koruncuk Foundation Bolluca Children's Village. Children aged between 8-14 took music lessons regularly from music professionals through September 2015-May 2016 and the Children’s Choir gave their first concert At Formation Academy Saklıköy with the participation of representatives from the Foundation and over 200 TEB employees and their families.

Dream up is a three year project that will span through the years 2015-2018. The second year activities commenced in October 2016, the choir was expanded with the addition of 15 more children living in the Koruncuk Foundation Bolluca Children’s Village.

Innovation at TEB
TEB has been working on integrating innovation in its business culture since 2007. Having been cited as an exemplar of innovation by the world-famous research company Gartner, in 2013 TEB became the recipient of the European Financial Management Association’s “Most Successful Bank in Innovation Management” for the fourth year in a row.

In 2016, TEB continued to provide its customers with innovative products and services while also fostering innovation culture by encouraging its own customers and employees as well as university students and technology entrepreneurs through innovation-related activities.

Taking its efforts on behalf of innovation one step further, TEB launched an in-house Entrepreneurship Program, the first of its kind in the Turkish banking industry, in order to initiate an ecosystem that would encourage employees with entrepreneurial skills to discover and demonstrate their innovative features and performance abilities.

TEB In-House Entrepreneurship Program
TEB aims to create an innovative corporate culture and dynamic work environment where employees play an active role in the configuration of products, services and processes, devote themselves as if they own the business, take initiative, have a high sense of responsibility and loyalty. The Program targets to create in house entrepreneurs who will come up with innovative projects that will change the future of the Bank and have the capacity to implement their projects.

TEB is bringing together innovative, creative and entrepreneur employees together, creating an environment in which employees will provide feedback to each other while developing their projects, supporting them with training and mentoring to turn their ideas into lucrative businesses.

TEB in-house entrepreneurship program has been an important activity that feeds Start up Banking and TEB Private Angel Investment Platform both of which TEB initiated to support the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Turkey.

In 2016, in the third year of TEB’s in-house entrepreneurship program, more than 330 project applications were received from employees with entrepreneurial spirit.

Annual TEB Innovation Competition
In 2016 the 10th TEB Innovation Competition was held. One of the most outstanding examples of the Bank’s efforts to promote innovation among the public at large, the competition is an annual event that is now much looked forward to.

Making life easier for its customers through the innovative and creative products and services that it offers them, TEB regards innovation as an important element of its brand-differentiation strategy.

In 2016, some 14,700 projects were submitted to TEB for consideration as entries in the year’s competition. The Bank’s www.icatcikar.com website, through which submissions are made, received 235,000 visitors from 109 countries last year.

TEB transforms innovative ideas received from customers, university students and newly-graduated young professionals into products and services for TEB customers. In 2016, over 1,700 applications in the technological innovation category has been a very useful resource for the Start-Up Banking.

Finalists in the competition are offered career opportunities in TEB alongside the financial rewards they receive. So far, 12 finalists have joined the TEB family.

Sparkle (Kıvılcım) Portal
TEB employees share their innovative product and service ideas through Sparkle, the in-house innovation portal and those that are considered successful are adapted for development into business ideas. Throughout 2016, in line with the targets of the Bank, every week an opinion poll has been prepared in a different subject under the name of “Idea of the Week” and employees’ opinions were sought.

“Make an Invention” is an in-house competition that takes place every year and aims to raise awareness about innovation and creativity among employees. The competition reinforces employees in different departments to come up with ideas as teams and creates a competitive environment that encourages team spirit through the innovative projects that compete.

So far, through Sparkle portal, 382 innovation and improvement ideas from TEB employees have been brought to life and work on 51 projects are underway.

Traditional TEB Innovation Meeting
In 2016, “innovation Meeting” where TEB employees, customers and world-famous speakers come together, took place for the 9th time.

Some of the themes from the meetings are as follows:
2016: Banking Redesigned with the Codes of the New Generation
2015: Be Agile, Get Results
2014: Think Simple, Think Outside the Box
2013: Innovation for the Changing Consumer Trends
2012: New Generation Banking in the Digital World
2011: Innovation in Customer Experience
2010: Innovation from Future to Today
2009: Overcoming Tough Times with Innovation
2008: Open Innovation

In the 2016 meeting where the theme was “Banking redesigning with the Codes of the New Generation”, the prominent names in the sector from Turkey and abroad emphasized the importance of understanding the perspective and requirements of the new generation in order to come up with products and services that will meet the expectations of them. During the meeting, awards were presented to creative employees who presented their ideas through Sparkle Portal and In-house Innovation Competition as well as customers, university students and newly graduated young professionals and technological entrepreneurs who earned a place in the Innovation Competition.

University activities, TEB Innovation Campus
In 2016 the TEB Human Resources Group continued to reach out to talented young people through its university campus activities that sought to introduce them both to TEB and to its career possibilities. Last year these events that include promotion activities, chats with TEB executives and case studies were conducted on İTÜ, Koç, Galatasaray, Boğaziçi, ODTÜ, Anadolu, Bilkent, YTÜ, İstanbul, Marmara, Bilgi, 9 Eylül, Çukurova, Çağ, Osmangazi, Akdeniz, Süleyman Demirel, İzmir Ekonomi, Trakya, Ege and Karadeniz Teknik University campuses.

TEB Innovation Campus is a program designed to acquaint junior- and senior-year university students with innovation through unconventional training activities, to provide a work environment in which innovation and creativity are supported and rewarded and to engage in enjoyable chats with TEB senior executives. Three events were conducted in this program during 2016. They were attended by a total of 71 students, to the most successful of whom shortcut traineeship and job offers were made.

Shortcut Traineeship is a project based program that runs through June to September and junior year students from the favorite universities of Turkey are accepted through a special hiring process.

The first program was launched on 20 June 2016 and 11 students have been chosen. Intern students worked for 8-12 weeks in the various departments on projects they were assigned to and at the same time received in class and digital training programs that contributed to their personal development. In September, the program closed with the project presentations of the students and their performance evaluation. The successful ones were offered part time jobs at TEB. Those who cannot sustain a part time job due to their academic schedules were offered a job at TEB through a pre-contract upon their graduation.

2016 TEB Innovation Awards
In 2016, TEB won the BNP Paribas Group Innovation Award with its “AQUILA” application.

Istanbul Stage of the “BNP Paribas International Hackathon” event held simultaneously in 8 countries where financial software developing startups compete, was organized by TEB. Two champions of Turkey competed against the champions of other countries in the finals that took place in December and both received a grand prize.

TEB won “Innovation Award” with “TEB Sayar” in Gamechangers 2016, in which Turkey's most innovative companies are rewarded.

Additionally, TEB won the EFMA Bronze Award with the “HIPPO” application which was the champion of the TEB In-house Entrepreneurship Program in its first year.

Quality at TEB
For a more systematic application and monitoring of the environmentally friendly approach in TEB, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System is applied. TEB is also the first deposit bank to have an environmental management system certification.

TEB’s Environmental Management System is audited every year by Bureau Veritas and the results are used as feedback for improvement.

Training at TEB
Recognizing that qualified and well-trained human resources are the most critical distinguishing factor in the financial services industry, TEB seeks to support the personal and professional development of its employees in the most effective way possible. Training conducted with this approach in mind is concerned with development and change projects undertaken with the benefit of both internal and external resources, with internal customer service standardization in conjunction with training centers and with similar issues. In 2016, in following the latest training technologies, various digital platforms are incorporated into the training programs.

In 2016, a total of 10,006 TEB employees took part in classroom trainings. There were 50,661 attendees to classroom trainings, 491 attendees to on-the-job training and 128,386 attendees to e-learning trainings. TEB’s own instructor personnel provided 66% of all in-house training.