One of the cornerstones of our country’s banking industry, TEB completed 2014 with nearly TRL 63 billion worth of assets and TRL 45.4 billion worth of credit placements. Distinguishing itself with a solid lineup of products, services, and solutions in every aspect of modern banking, TEB has been contributing to Turkey’s economic development and to its customers’ wellbeing throughout the many decades since it was founded.

Today our bank engages with its strategic partner BNP Paribas in a collaborative effort that is rooted in mutual trust and respect. TEB stands constantly by its customers as it successfully manages even the most difficult economic conditions. By combining its tremendous understanding of Turkey’s markets with the international service clout and vision of its global partner, TEB creates value through business models and strategies that are based on specialized knowledge and experience. Similarly the synergies that we create through our subsidiaries play a role in our ability to reach an even broader audience and to enhance the value that we can offer.

It therefore gives me pleasure to say that 2014 was a very successful year not just for our bank but also for our subsidiaries as well. We have achieved significant progress in every parameter from customer numbers to transaction volumes.

TEB provides multidimensional support to the small-and medium-sized businesses and to the entrepreneurs–women as well as men–that underpin every nation’s economy. Our bank engages in exemplary efforts and invests in activities aimed at improving financial literacy and awareness throughout society. This is a matter which we see as being an essential element of our sense of social responsibility: we are and we will remain committed to involving ourselves in projects that are regarded as “best practices” not just in our own country but at the global level through our membership in the BNP Paribas Group.

As a corporate citizen with a strong sense of social responsibility, TEB is encumbered by responsibilities towards many different stakeholders and it is mindful of balancing all their interests in the conduct of its activities. We believe that handing a healthier ecosystem to future generations as well as turning over a social structure capable of supporting growth and development are responsibilities in which everyone shares. We therefore make a special effort to create value in such areas in the conduct of every aspect of our business.

In its 87th year our bank has strengthen its reputation both inside and outside the country, with its financial and operational performance, and increased shareholder value has proved its position in the market.

Competition tomorrow is going to be even more intense and the race is not just going to be faster but more global. As a deep-rooted and dynamic financial institution, TEB will continue to run in the very forefront of that race. And as it does so, our human resources will continue to be our most precious asset and source of energy.

In closing and speaking on behalf of the Board of Directors as well as personally, I take this opportunity to thank you, our valued shareholders, team, customers, and business partners for accompanying and having confidence in us throughout our journey.


The Board of Directors