As a good corporate citizen that is fully aware of its social responsibilities, TEB strives to be a Bank that upholds the core values and heritage of the society in which it operates. To achieve this goal, TEB implements corporate social responsibility projects that contribute to the protection of the environment, the development of SMEs that are the dynamo of the Turkish economy and provide for a large proportion of the country’s employment, and the education of young population that will build the future of Turkey. Planning its corporate social responsibility program in parallel with its business activities, TEB continues to encourage the active, voluntary participation of its employees in its projects.

Contributing to the Environment

As a pioneer aware of its responsibility to contribute to a sustainable environment, TEB developed and deployed an effective and systematic management approach to minimize the environmental impacts of its operations.

The Bank aims and undertakes to:

  • Preserve and effectively use natural resources,
  • Reduce and recycle waste at source,
  • Offer environmentally-friendly products,
  • Increase resource savings and energy efficiency,
  • Follow up scientific and technological developments to minimize environmental pollution and continuously improve its environmental performance,
  • Raise the environmental awareness of its employees, suppliers and customers.

As the first deposit bank entitled to receive the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard Certification, TEB designed a new environment-friendly product in 2010.
TEB signed a € 50 million loan agreement with the French Development Agency (Agence Française de Developpement - AFD) to support companies’ environmentally related investments. The resource began to be offered to those companies that will invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy.

The French Development Agency (AFD), a global institution supporting sustainable development projects, chose TEB as the first private bank to provide financial resources to SMEs in Turkey and granted a € 50 million loan in 2010. This resource enables companies to finance their operating and investment loan requirements in energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in a cost-efficient manner.

Having covered the "TEB Mobil ATM" and its Ataköy branch with solar panels, the Bank achieved an exemplary breakthrough in the field of energy. The solar-powered branch and mobile ATM are firsts in the Turkish banking sector.

Contribution to SMEs
Keeping a watchful eye on the development of SMEs, which are among the fundamental pillars of the Turkish economy, TEB supports many activities in this area. Since 2005, after forging a strategic partnership with BNP Paribas, the largest bank in the Euro zone, TEB further contributed to the development of SMEs. The Bank provided SMEs with knowledge that would help them gain a competitive edge through its own TEB SME Academy-Corporate Development Program and Future Strategy for Provinces Conferences.

The TEB SME Academy – Corporate Development Program
The Corporate Development Program is a hands-on initiative designed to help guide SMEs towards increasing their domestic and international profitability and assist them in gaining a competitive edge in the marketplace. The program also offers SMEs significant tips on how they can strategically manage their companies in the most appropriate manner. The Corporate Development Program started in 2005 and has reached nearly 7,000 SMEs in 31 cities around Turkey.

TEB SME Academy – Future Strategy Conferences
Future Strategy Conferences are held in different cities on a monthly basis. With the participation of members from the local business community, academics, bureaucrats and administrative officials, the conferences aim to help SMEs determine their future objectives and strategies. In addition, the Future Strategy Conferences reveal potential investment areas in the regions based on the economic, commercial and social histories of each location. In conferences which TEB held in 13 different cities under the title “Provinces Are Looking for their Future”, the Bank sought to help cities plan their future. These efforts were published in a Province Report which was submitted to related people and institutions, and the project was rolled out on a nationwide basis in 2010. Furthermore, a Future Strategy conference was held in the TRNC (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus).

The first internet TV channel in the banking sector, TEB SME TV is a free internet TV channel with more than 65,000 members, reaching 3,000,000 viewers in the last year. The channel broadcasts on a 24x7 basis, covering new business opportunities, marketing and sales information, export targets, information on international markets, news about sectors, legislative amendments that affect the trade and industrial sectors, comments from the business world, politicians, sector representatives and experts with respect to all matters concerning SMEs. Moreover, with SME TV, companies may ask questions and receive answers to their questions easily by reaching people who are well-known in their areas.

In addition to these features, the KOBİLİNGO project was implemented in order to ensure that SMEs do not face any foreign language problems while communicating with new markets and customers. Thanks to this project, SMEs are now able to establish contact with potential customers and suppliers in 57 different languages.

The Bank has implemented another first in the industry: TEB SME CONSULTANTS. These consultants work at TEB branches and help SME clients identify problematic issues in their businesses, offer them solutions and guide them toward opportunities ahead. TEB SME Consultants enabled many companies to perform successfully in 2010.

Conducted by TEB, the KOBİ Club is the first and only bank-supported club, which brings all SMEs under a single unity and combines their strengths. With the KOBİ Club, TEB’s corporate clients are able to solve an array of problems such as accessing the right product or seller which they experience during purchase or product supply; TEB clients may also benefit from advantages including a decline of up to 50% in their purchase costs.

Contributions to Youth

Turkey’s Youth are “Inventing” with TEB
Considering that a large proportion of the Turkish population is composed of young people, TEB has organized an annual innovation competition, “Make an Invention”, in a bid to encourage the young population generate creative and innovative ideas.

Serving as a good example of private sector-university cooperation, this TEB-sponsored competition contributes to various goals such as raising awareness of “innovation-creativity” among the university students and young professionals, developing competencies and introducing the finance sector to university students.

Through this competition, TEB gives awards young participants who demonstrate high potential for generating innovative and creative ideas. TEB also organizes an innovation contest among its customers in order to encourage them in this area and grants awards to winning customers.

In addition, TEB provides university students with special education programs in the fields of innovation, communication and creativity, such as “Smart Ideas Campus” designed for undergraduate and master students and the “No Barriers Campus” designed for disabled students. TEB helps students discover their innovation-creativity abilities and contributes to their education through these initiatives. Students from different universities who participated at the “TEB Smart Ideas Campus” and the “TEB No Barriers Campus” also have the opportunity to work at TEB, based on their education, knowledge and experience.

Quick Facts

Turkey's 1st Solar Branch
TEB became the author of another first. The first bank branch that uses solar energy for all its energy need provides service in İstanbul.

Turkey's 1st Solar Mobile ATM
Turkey's 1st Solar Mobile ATM, which is a first in banking sector, started to give service to our customers in 2010.

TEB Environment Club for Employees
The Club was created in order to raise TEB employees' awareness for environment, to find solutions for environmental problems together, and to make TEB employees active participants in environmental activities.

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