TEB Worldcard Golden Years

TEB Worldcard Golden Years

    Now; TEB offers a credit card special for people over 60 for the first time in Turkey: TEB Worldcard Golden Years!

    It is the card of those wishing to get the utmost enjoyment out of their golden years…

    The advantages of TEB Worldcard Golden Years:

    Free Dental Care Package

    You can benefit from a free dental care package comprising of tooth cleaning, periapical film and dental examination once a year; and you get a discount over the list prices of Turkish Dental Association for other services.

    Free Ear Hearing Test

    By benefiting from GAES Hearing Aid Services’ 60 years of experience and expertise; you can have a free hearing test in the cities of Istanbul, Bursa and İzmir.

    TEB Assistance Services

    TEB Worldcard Golden Years Card is at your service for the problems you may face at home, at work or when you travel! You can access and make free use of TEB Assistance Services at any place in Turkey by a single call 24-hours a day on issues such as roadside assistance, locksmith, electrician, glass breakage, installer and computer usage support.

    Please call 0850 200 0 666 TEB Phone Branch to make use of reservation* and help services and to obtain details about the services and current price information.

    *For reservation services, minimum 48 hours advance notice is required.

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