Frequently Asked Questions

TEB Worldcard Frequently Asked Questions
    1. What is TEB Worldcard?
    TEB Worldcard is a credit card accepted worldwide which is aware of your needs and enables you to benefit from various promotions and offers in more than 250.000 merchant members according to such needs. With TEB Worldcard; you have the opportunity to earn Worldpoints in the stores with World logo and to make your shoppings in installments.
    2. What are the advantages of TEB Worldcard?
    • Credit card that makes you earn in every opportunity: TEB Worldcard. You can shop with installments up to 24 months in hundreds of thousands of contracted merchants and issue supplementary cards in any number you wish within the limit of your credit card. You can use your TEB Worldcard for all your shoppings and in any store with VISA/Mastercard logo.
    • With TEB Assistance Services; you can handle all your problems with no difficulty such as when you get stranded on the road or have to return to your home in the middle of your travel; when you need a locksmith, glazier, installer;  when your lugguage is lost or  when you need medical help by phone.
    • You can set the limits of your supplementary cards as you wish and follow the primary and supplementary card expenditures on the same statement. You can get your account statement by e-mail and earn plenty of Worldpoints for this. If you wish, you can also get your statement by SMS.
    • By means of TEB Internet Branch, TEB Phone Branch and CEPTETEB, you can benefit from customer services 365 days 24 hours; and be safe with Lost & Stolen Insurance.
    • The minimum payment rates for the existing TEB Credit Cards have been changed based on the card limits. For further information please click here.
    • In the event the total limit is exceeded, the exceeded amount shall be added to the minimum payment amount.
    • With your TEB Worldcard, you can make all your shoppings abroad in 4 installments.
    • When you need urgent money, you can withdraw cash advance in installments up to 24 months with suitable interest rates.
    • You can set your statement cut-off date according to your cash flow and you can pay your spendings you will make abroad in American Dollars. You can also get coverage for your credit card debt with Credit Card Unemployment Insurance.
    • Credit Card that makes you earn gift immediately: TEB Worldcard. You can earn Worldpoints against all shopping transactions you will make by TEB Worldcard; and can catch the chance of earning further Worldpoints on shoppings made in contracted merchants.
    3. How to apply for TEB Worldcard?
    You can make your application for TEB Worldcard either from TEB Branches or by online immediately if you wish.
    4. Which documents are required for TEB Worldcard application?
    It is sufficient to submit your application form to the TEB Branch nearest to you with a photocopy of your Identity Card.
    5. Where can I use my TEB Worldcard?
    With your TEB Worldcard, you can shop in all workplaces and contracted member merchants with VISA/Mastercard logo in Turkey and every place of the world. In addition, you can make shopping in installments in more than 250.000 TEB Merchant Members and World Merchant Members.
    6. Which transactions can I conduct with TEB Worldcard?
    With TEB Worldcard, you can make shopping in installments in more than 250.000 contracted merchants. You can withdraw cash from TEB ATMs and all other bank ATMs in Turkey; and all ATMs with VISA and Mastercard Logo in abroad. You can also make shopping by using your worldpoints accumulated by the purchases you made through special processing on POS machine in contracted merchants with your TEB Worldcard. Moreover, you can make your shoppings abroad in 4 installments and withdraw cash advance with installments up to 24 months by suitable interest rates.
    7. How can I earn Worldpoint?
    With TEB Worldcard; you can earn 1 Worldpoint against each TL 4 spending you made in contracted World Member Merchants; and 1 Worldpoint against each TL 6 spending you made in other merchants abroad.
    8. With my TEB Worldcard, do I earn Worldpoints at the same amount in all contracted merchants?
    You earn Worldpoints at different amounts in contracted merchants according to rates determined by the merchant on the basis of single-payment or installment transactions.
    9. How can I learn my Worldpoints?
    You can learn your worldpoint details from TEB Worldcard Account Statement to be sent you in a regular manner, TEB Internet Branch and TEB Phone Branch.
    10. How and where can I make my TEB Worldcard payments?

    You make your TEB Worldcard payments from;

    • TEB Branches,
    • TEB Internet Branch,
    • TEB Phone Branch,
    • Online PTT Branches,
    • TEB Express Plus ATMs, and
    • by giving an automatic payment instruction from any of these TEB Branches.

    The minimum payment rates for the existing TEB Credit Cards have been changed based on the card limits.  For further information please click here.

    11. Is there any fee for TEB Worldcard?
    No fee is charged on TEB Worldcard Titanium, TEB World Professional Card, TEB World Boss Card, TEB World Businesscard, TEB Worldcard Platinum, TEB Worldcard Gold, TEB Worldcard Classic and World Signia Cards for the first year.
    12. TEB Worldcard çalınır veya kaybolursa ne yapılmalıdır? What should I if my TEB Worldcard is lost or stolen?
    If your card and/or the supplementary card linked to your card is/are lost or stolen, you must call +90 (212) 0850 200 0 666 TEB Phone Branch wherever you are in the world and notify us about the situation. The damages up to 150 (one hundred fifty) Turkish Lira arising as a consequence of illegal use made within 24 hours before you notify us about the lost or stolen card shall be borne by yourself. If you fail to make a notification, you shall be asked to cover all expenditure amounts on which this limit would not to be applied.
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