TEB Gold Worldcard

TEB Gold Worldcard
    • TEB Gold Worldcard provided you all advantegous of TEB Worldcard and also opens the doors of an advantegous world for you with its high limit.
    • TEB Gold Worldcard is both a credit card and an installment shopping card.
    • With TEB Gold Wordcard, you can enjoy the advantegous of installment shopping and also spend the worldpoints you earn in World merchants.
    • Moreover, you can also benefit from Emergency Support Services offered to you by TEB Gold Worldcard.
    • You can make your payments easily from 0850 200 0 666 TEB Phone Branch, TEB Internet Branch, TEB Branches, Online PTT Branches, cash taking ATMs or by placing an automatic payment instruction.  Please click here for our cash taking ATMs list.
    • You can get the details of your TEB Gold Worldcard Account Statement via SMS by calling 0850 200 0 666 TEB Phone Branch or by making a definition on www.teb.com.tr TEB Internet Branch under “Definitions” menu.
    • Furthermore, with TEB My Credit Card Secure Insurance; we support you and your loves ones in the event your TEB Gold Worldcard is lost or stolen or if you get exposed to a purse-snatching act.
    • TEB My Credit Card Secure Insurance is a personal accident insurance product developed by Zurich Insurance. This insurance plan includes certain coverages in accordance with the terms and conditions of personal accident insurance.
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