TEB Bonus Premium Card

TEB Bonus Premium Card

    TEB Bonus Premium Card

    It makes you earn even much more bonus!

    Accumulate minimum TL 150 bonus on your TEB Bonus Plus Card in the last 12 months and let your TEB Bonus Plus Card be renewed with TEB Bonus Premium Card.

    TEB Bonus Premium Card makes you earn even much more bonus on your domestic and international shoppings which you will made out of the Program Partners.  

    With your TEB Star Premium Card, you can benefit from the “Primeclass CIP Lounge” in Atatürk Airport International FlightsTerminal free of charge and one guest of yours with 50% discount; and from the comfort of “Anadolu Jet Primeclass Lounge” in Ankara Esenboğa Airport Domestic Flights Terminal free of charge together with one of your guest.*

    * In order to benefit from our Free Lounge Services, the card should have been used at least 1 time within the last 1 month.

    50% of Your Cinema and Theatre Tickets are from TEB!

    For the total amount of TL 100 expenditures which you will make on weekdays by using your TEB Bonus Premium Card, TEB gives 50% of your cinema and theatre tickets on the weekend as a gift!

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