Your Savings

With Ingenious Account, you can see that your savings grow from day to day.

Your Savings | Retired Package


    You can grow your savings by attractive interest rates on your TEB Term Deposit Account, which you may have opened in TL, USD, EUR or Sterling at your discretion.


    The Drop Gold Account enables you to save gold in grams through the micro-amounts to be saved from your demand account or TEB Credit Card under your instructions, and even to grow your gold savings further through advantageous interest rate deals.


    Your can readily turn your designated demand account for your pensions into a Practical Account if not already operated so. The Practical Account automatically applies your demand account balance in excess of a specific amount to the acquisition of B Type Liquid Funds.  It, then, automatically liquidates adequate amount of funds for your cash withdrawals, automatic bill payments, fund transfers and the like transactions. You can turn your pension account into a Practical Account at any time by applying to your respective TEB Branch, via TEB Telephone Branch at 0850 200 0 666 or via TEB Internet Branch at

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