Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance

Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance

    Lawyer Professional Liability Insurance is an insurance product which covers the lawyer himself and/or his employees under Social Security Institution against the indemnification claims to be made by his clients due to their losses which may occur as a result of their error, omissions, etc. while performing their professional duties.  

    • Payment options: Cash or with 6, 8 or 10- equal installments.
    • For the compensation payments, the damage notification date shall be taken into consideration and risks that have occured up to 5 years before the policy start date  shall be included within the insurance scope.
    • It also provides coverage for the insured lawyer’s employees under SSI system, the associate lawyer, lawyer and intern lawyers working with the insured lawyer.
    • It is an insurance that applicable for the self-employed lawyers as well for those working in an attorney/law office.
    • The indemnification and the defense costs which may be incurred as a result of the lawsuit filed against the insurer due to the insult allegetions are also included in the cover of insurance.
    • The cost and expenses incurred due to the replacement of damaged, destroyed, lost documents of which the insurer is legally responsible are also included in the cover of insurance.
    • The indemnification claims arising from the error and omission of the lawyers, other than himself, who are  authorized pursuant to the delegation clause of  the insurer’s related power of attorney are also included in the cover of insurance.

    This insurance is a product offered to the lawyers with an annual turnover upto TL 500.000; however for the lawyers with a higher turnover,  it will be decided  according to the ourcome of the relevant risk assessment study.

    *TEB is an authorised agent of Zurich Insurance Company and Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance is offered through Zurich Insurance Company.


    • Professional Liability Coverage

    Optional Coverages:

    • Defense Costs
    • Insultation Lawsuits
    • Extended Notice Period
    • Judicial Expenses
    • Communication Expenses
    • Lost Documents
    • Claims made for Non-Pecuniary Damages.
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