Damla Gold Account

Damla Gold Account

    Gold Damla Account is a savings account which enables you to make gold savings on gram basis with small amounts you allocate from your budget. With “Damla Gold Account”, you can invest your savings to a monthly Time Deposit Account*. In addition you can also prefer to make your regular payments with your Credit Card. Damla Gold Account can be opened by our Branches and TEB Internet Branch.

    • You can make savings with minimum 1 gr. and you can also invest any amount of your savings without any upper limit restriction in your Damla account on a monthly basis. Minimum account opening limit is 5gr.
    • The interest rate to be applied on time deposit account will be the monthly interest rate given on the table at that day for Damla Gold Account.
    • With Damla Gold Account, the savings you invest to time deposit account continue to earn even if you cannot add saving on their monthly extensions. You can also give a break on adding savings anytime you wish, and can continue from the same point again whenever you prefer.  During that period, Damla account continues to earn to your savings (if no addition is made 4 consecutive months, then the account will be closed at the fifth month).
    • If you wish, you can also use your savings invested as a monthly deposit in Damla Gold Account at the maturity dates.

    *The interest rates are subject to 15% withholding tax.

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