Transfer service for free



    • You do not want to use car or you are not in a situation to be able to drive.
    • For you, we have the service of designated driver without any charge.
    • You could enjoy designated driver service for free in the rst usage of every monthand in second and third ones you could benet from 50% discount.
    • In designated driving service, designated driver comes with his specially designedfoldable motor vehicle, folds his vehicle and places it in your car’s trunk andtransports you anywhere you want safe and sound.

    *In order to enjoy the service for free or at a discount in the current month, you have to make 500 TL spending in the previousmonth. First usages maximum 90 TL is for free. In usages exceeding 90 TL, 90 TL discount is reected to the card and second andthird usages with 50% discount, 45 TL discount will be reected for each usage. Discounts will be reected in current transactionsat last day of each month.


    If you do not use your car, you could benet from our transfer service for free for oncein a month and with 50% discount in second and third transfer service.

    * Transfer price in a month in total up to 150 TL will be covered by the bank.

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