TEB, with the belief of value adding to the SMEs, established the SME TV that was the result of to create a dynamic contented channel where SMEs can reach information without any interruption for 7/24 to benefit from instructions as the first sample in the sector.

    TEB SME TV provides for the SMEs to reach the required information and training, know about the comments of the economists and to hear about the sectoral news. Also, everyone who becomes the member of TEB SME TV can reach the data of stock market index, share prices, bond-bill market data, Central Bank free market and Kapalıcarsı exchange rates, domestic/foreign valuable metal prices and investment funds.

    TEB SME TV will be a permanent 7/24 channel for SMEs to facilitate their work life to be informed and trained on economics, domestic and foreign markets, sectoral developments, growth and marketing and similar matters and the firms can share their successful experiences on TV. SMEs have opportunity to reach required information which can be found in its contented broadcasts by asking questions and having short answers 7/24 on SMEI TV...

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