TEB SME Academy

TEB SME Academy

    Turkish Economy Bank (TEB) closely monitors the development of SMEs who are the main components of Turkish economy and continues its support in the field.  

    TEB, who went into a partnership with BNP Paribas as the greatest bank of Euro-zone, aims to contribute the commercial existence of SMEs and give the information for the competitive advantageous via TEB SME Academy – Corporate Development Programme and Conferences on Future Strategies for Provinces which were for SMEs.

    TEB SME Academy – Corporate Development Training

    The Corporate Development Training is a programme explaining how SMEs can increase their profits and competitive strength at home and abroad and how they can manage their firms strategically right.

    The Corporate Development Training began in 2005 to complete the information needs of SMEs on different subjects in workshops to be able to solve the problems of them. The Corporate Development Trainings were held in 27 provinces and thousands of SMEs were reached till now.

    According to the potential of the provinces, the trainings are 1 or 2 days; for the first day, Strategic Management on the Basis of Work Plan, Strategic Management and Planning on Foreign Trade, Institutionalization and Process Management, Marketing for Growth for the SMEs are done in the applied workshops. In the second day, the specialists give lectures on the importance of R&D (Turkish Technology Development foundation) and Risk Mitigation Ways on foreign Trade (TEB Treasury, TEB Factoring, TEB Foreign Trade Centre). In the second day, an applied lecture is also held on the problems of Turkish SMEs in the struggle of growth and development and solution suggestions for problems at each stage of growth and development.

    TEB SME Academy - Conferences on Future Strategies for Provinces

    The “Conference on Future Strategy” to determine the future strategies and objectives and to show up the potential investment areas from the economic, commercial and social backgrounds of the provinces is a meeting where businessmen, academicians, bureaucrats and local administrations come together, and is held in different province in each month.

    The conferences were held in Samsun, Trabzon, Eskisehir, Adana, Kayseri, Hate, Afton, Catamount and Rise until today.

    A report including the objectives, advantageous, future strategies and developmental expectations of the province as the socio-economic map is prepared and it is shared with all the public agencies and civil society organizations.

    TEB, after delivering the prepared final report to the city administration takes the responsibilities of some points in the report to realize.

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