TEB Junior

TEB Junior

    There is a certain level of saving deficit in Turkey. As a bank, we aimed to increase the financial literacy on the basis of such requirement in the country. After the TEB Family Academy for the adults to acquire the financial literacy, as a continuation of that project, we aimed to teach the financial literacy and saving to children who will be the adults of tomorrow by using funny plays in a joyful way, in addition to the adults. While we were teaching the saving to them, we aimed their parents to support them on computer to learn how they can save, earn and manage what they earn with models like “Family Panel” and “Pocket Money Agenda” where their fathers and mothers would be included.

     TEB Junior at the site www.tebcocuk.com, children learn the terms of economics via funny educational modules where they can indicate the money to the computer cam to know about the value of the money and what they can buy with that money. Thus, TEB Junior shows the ways of saving with its funny explanations and characters to children and instils the saving conscious. TEB Junior helps children to raise as financially more responsible individual by indicating how they can earn money by using virtual lemonade sale as an interactive play.

    We introduce the site either in schools or in TEB Family Academy instructions in the branches. The schools which desire to meet their students with TEB JR can send their demands via form on the site. Teachers and students in the schools react positively. Children like both colouring books and characters.

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