Environmentalist Steps

Environmentalist Steps

    Hand-to-Hand Against Global Climate Change

    Resounding in all over the world within past three years, ‘’ Earth Hour ‘’ event was carried out with a more powerfull message on 28 March 2009. Turning off lights in Turkey between 20.30 - 21.30 shown to all decision - makers that people intend to do something against global climate change.

    We, as TEB, gave support to this action by means of turning off all lights of our general directorate buildings ( Fındiklı and Ümraniye) excluding security for a period of 1 hour.

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    What are we doing?

    • We established our environment club consisting of our employees.
    • We enable our employees to travel by sea.
    • We are closing our branch sign at 12 in the night – at 6 in the moorning.

    What is Carbon Footprint?

    Carbon foot print is a measure way used to measure the damage given to environmental by human activities in terms of produced greenhouse gas amount and is measured over unit carbondioxide type.  More clearly, it is a trace left and a damage given by us in the world, while maintaining our daily life. Purpose of our bank is to minimize the damage given by us to environment by offering products and services increasing environmental consciousness  of our customers and employees. We progress in accordance with numerical targets and control the amount of CO2 arising from our consumption.

    What can we do to minimize our carbon foot print?

    • Use public  service vehicle
    • Plant tree
    • Use energy saving lamp
    • Provide the evaluation of papers in recycling
    • Wash your dirty dishes by dishwasher not by hand
    • Prefer recycled and packaged products
    • Don’t leave the electronic at ‘’stand by’’ mode
    • Prefer rechargeable battery
    • Pay your invoices by online
    • Take care not to use plastic bag
    • Turn off lights that you consider that they are unnecessary
    • Close Windows and doors when airconditioner is on
    • Turn off lights, air conditioner and computers while leaving the office
    • Prefer energy saving products
    • Use garbage bags dissolving in the nature 
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