Innovation Campus


    Turkish Economy Bank (TEB); has been organizing a mind-idea competition of “Innovation Campus” annually to provide innovative – creative young, ideas and projects to the financial industry. The admired project of TEB contributes with that organization to the awareness of students on “innovations and creativity” and to develop their capabilities, also the youth to have closer ties with financial industry. All the university students can participate in the organization without considering their departments as a result of the “innovation” idea that is indispensable rule and term of business life recently.

    The organization includes many aspects of financial sector like new products and services, productivity, branch design and new technologies. The organization clears the way for innovative ideas by presenting the creative ideas and projects for evaluation where leasing, factoring, portfolio management, investment consultancy, consumer finance and insurance are included. University student find chance to experience different educational and nice tasks in addition to the contentful instructions and they can chat with top executives of TEB.

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